The treatment of hallux valgus: minimally Invasive surgery

Then, as so many other patients of orthopedic Department of our well-known clinic in Freiburg, you have problems with Hallux valgus (hallux valgus), in which the inner side at the beginning of 1. the toe bone is formed ledge ("the bone" or "bump").

In the orthopedic clinic every specialist for treatment of the foot, you can spend high quality gentle treatment of the deformation of 1. finger with minimally invasive surgery of the forefoot without complications. This fact substantially accelerates the recovery and rehabilitation period, which the great attention is given to both German and foreign patients.

hallux valgus

The treatment of hallux valgus at the orthopedic clinic, which relate to the fast restoration of mobility for each patient, as well as to improve the cosmetic appearance of the foot.

The treatment of hallux valgus

The objective of surgical treatment of valgus deformity is the restoration of movable property, may be the load of the foot with a cosmetically nice shape.

In this article we will tell You about the goals of Hallux valgus surgery are realistic.

Please note that if there is a more severe hallux valgus involves a more complex treatment. So, if you Have the problem of nasty diseases, we recommend that you apply to a professional who will tell You, gentle method of correction of the disease.

What is Hallux valgus?

Valgus deformity (curved finger) - this is one of the most common diseases in 1. toe. In this pathology there is damage to the transverse arch of the foot to the base of 1. finger. 1. your finger is markedly deflected on the outer edge of the foot and moves the smaller toes. In this disease 1. total subject to excessive load, which can cause long lasting and painful arthrosis (Hallux rigidus).

When the disease develops, the skin over the bony protrusion on the 1. the joint becomes inflamed and painful, "cone" or "bone", which begins to interfere with walking. The treatment of hallux valgus and pain relief can be performed with the use of different conservative methods. By clicking on the link, You will receive the necessary information on the theme: "diagnostics and conservative treatment of hallux valgus ".

Indications for surgery: In what situations is the surgical treatment of hallux valgus?

For many patients, who prefer the open shoes, the problem of hallux valgus is primarily a cosmetic problem in nature. As a rule, only because of the bad shape of the foot, treatment of the hallux valgus is not carried out. However, in the planning and plastic surgery of the foot our specialists offering the treatment of hallux valgus, give considerable importance and cosmetic result.

To perform surgical treatment of hallux valgus, the disease must occur without pain. We also want to draw people's attention to the fact that the full treatment of hallux valgus, impossible to change the shoes, the use of special orthopaedic devices, and even targeted exercises for your feet. Orthotics, of course, contribute to relieve pain, but they cannot be solved by a deformation.

For medical reasons, surgical treatment of hallux valgus available in the case, when the patient feels pain in the leg and unable to move as before.

If conservative treatment for hallux valgus is unsuccessful, the experts have a plan of action. The surgical procedure is performed approximately 6 months after conservative therapy.

Conservative treatment of hallux valgus aims to eliminate pain and prevent progression of the disease. The definitive treatment for hallux valgus 1. toe with conservative methods is possible only in the growing skeleton, that is, if the patient is still young and his body is growing and developing.

The plan of operation of hallux valgus is made exclusively on an individual basis

Hallux valgus is always held in combination with a variety of disease processes. So, in addition to hallux valgus 1. the finger of the patient can be skin changes or inflammation of the mucous bags (bursitis). Curved finger moves near the small toe of the foot, making it strained. Before creating a plan of action, our specialists will conduct an accurate diagnosis and determine the degree of development of the disease. Below you will be described the standard surgery for hallux valgus. In addition, we must draw attention to the fact that in this disease, for the referral of the patient for surgery, we must first understand its individual situation and assess the degree of hallux valgus.

Surgical treatment of hallux valgus are performed only highly skilled professionals, with many years of experience. All of the details and features of the upcoming intervention, the surgeon discusses with the patient in advance.

Only when all possible conservative treatment of the disease will be exhausted, orthopedics in Germany offers activities for proper hallux valgus 1. toe. During a long and painful consequences of hallux valgus isolated arthrosis 1. metatarsophalangeal joint.

As a patient, which may prevent surgical treatment?

Timely replacement uncomfortable shoes on special, creating the necessary room for your toes and regular treatment without surgery prevent the development of disease. Therefore, after the appearance of the bony protrusions on the legs, immediately contact a specialist.

What if conservative treatment of hallux valgus does not bring the desired results?

As a result of an increase in immobility 1. metatarsophalangeal joint and damage to the neighbouring toes surgical treatment of hallux valgus are becoming more and more complex.

Long subsequent injury of the foot, such as Hallux rigidus (arthritis 1. metatarsophalangeal joint) become more intense and cause severe pain.

After the surgical correction of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, each patient is happy that he no longer feels pain and can still walk normally. Also, patients are very satisfied with the good aesthetic result of the operation.

The goal of the operative treatment of hallux valgus: Beautiful legs without pain

In addition to correction 1. finger, surgical treatment of Hallux Valgus in the early stages means keeping the impact of osteoarthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Thus, effectively, and permanently getting rid of malposition 1. toe. Only in the case where the foot will be getting his old form, it is possible to restore a natural walking: walking as a healthy step "rolls" smoothly and slowly from heel to toe, in the case of the deformation of the foot - a violation of biomechanics 1. metatarsophalangeal joint. In the process of rolling the foot to meet the other toes of the foot, which are under excessive stress, which eventually lead to hallux valgus.

The main objective of the surgical treatment of this pathology is carried out the removal of the tops or edges of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, as well as the removal and mapping of soft tissues and bones of the foot to reduce pain, restore internal rotation (pronation) and the original configuration of the joint.

The main objective of the surgical treatment of this pathology is carried out the removal of the tops or edges of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, as well as the removal and mapping of soft tissues and bones of the foot to reduce pain, restore internal rotation (pronation) and the original configuration of the joint.

Contraindications and other problems of surgical treatment of hallux valgus


For a final treatment after the surgery to the forefoot, which is very important for good blood circulation. The foot is the most distant from the heart, the organ movement. The soft tissues of the leg, which is the load of a very thin, but the mechanical load is very high. Therefore, all the circumstances which affect the blood circulation, slows down the process of recovery from foot surgery. The following diseases hinder the successful outcome of the operation on the forefoot:

  • Atherosclerosis obliterans of peripheral arteries;
  • Diabetic foot and the initial stage of polyneuropathy (systemic lesions of peripheral nerves due to diabetes);
  • Polyneuropathy(a nerve condition associated with diabetes).

The operation of the metatarsophalangeal joint

Experts in trying to perform surgical treatment of the disease with minimal displacement of the bones and minimal scarring. The aim is the correction of Hallux valgus only with the help of surgical intervention on the soft tissues. Today is, unfortunately, not really, that is possible: Modern surgery uses special screws and implants for bone fixation.

Minimal invasive surgical treatment is the "distal offset": under this intervention 1. the toe of the foot has shifted, beginning with 1. metatarsophalangeal joint ("distal"). This treatment by our specialists is carried out on the lung deformation or with deformation of the foot moderate.

Surgical treatment of hallux valgus with the use of well-tolerated titanium screws often do not lead to re-intervention for their removal. Titanium bolts usually do not require removal. After this surgery the patient does not feel any inconvenience.

This treatment doctors give patients with valgus deformity of the foot light or moderate severity. Such a procedure provides a good cosmetic result with minimal scarring.

How is a minimally invasive surgical treatment of hallux valgus?

During the operation the surgeon makes two small incisions on the two sides of the thumb. Due to a small injury during the surgery, the soft tissue is almost not affected, whereby the healing process of the joint is shortened, and the percentage of complications is significantly reduced. In the case of open surgery of hallux valgus the situation is quite different.

Minimally invasive surgical treatment of these diseases the right oblique position of the bones of the foot with the use of small surgical instruments, such as dental equipment. In the next phase of the operation, through a small incision, a shortened joint capsule opens and expands , allowing you to create enough space for the normal alignment 1. toe.

In comparison with other minimally invasive techniques, lateral release has several advantages: soft tissue Damage, is reduced to a minimum. Due to the lateral release of the older patients become mobile within a short time. In addition, due to the minimum load on the soft tissue, postoperative edema of the foot is significantly lower than after other surgical interventions.

What happens after surgery for Hallux valgus?

  • Surgical treatment causes only minor soft tissue injury: after a short time, the physical endurance of the patients recovering.
  • Mobility is managed by the joint is restored almost immediately.
  • With a special orthopedic Shoe for the correction of the feet, the patient can immediately walk on your feet and fully loaded.
  • Material with a clip that was used in the osteotomy, as a rule, remains. In most cases, it does not have adverse effects on the foot. If the patient still feels uncomfortable titanium screws were removed in an outpatient procedure.