Valgus installation stop in children, treatment, physical therapy, massage

Knowing about such features of their children, parents should encourage physical activity, for the purchase of special shoes, and regular visits to the podiatrist to perform massage.

If the diagnosis is "valgus deformity of the foot" is placed in the childhood, probably, that the problem will come to naught, as is the strengthening of joints and ligaments, grows several times.

What you need to know about the disease?

deformity of the foot in children

Valgus deformity is reduced the height of the bow stop, the sideways axis, and too many lower middle segment.

Along the way, he's turning inside out on the outside of the heels and toes. The result of the foot something like the letter "X", from-for what the child is unable to wear regular shoes, which is causing him not only discomfort, but also pain.

Pathological the installation – it's not about one day or even one month. The first stage of hallux valgus noticeable the fact that the foot is slightly bent while walking, and your feet are flat.

Then the children have problems with choosing and wearing standard shoes in the evening, they swell and pain on the lower part of the handle.

In the third phase of the hallux valgus stop includes:

  • Everting great and the subsequent fingers;
  • The sole is just flat, it acquires greater density and covered with blisters;
  • The second finger goes up, forming a solid mass.

When talipes diagnosed in younger children and infants, having all of the options that at the level of the plant, to avoid further problems with flat standing feet, pain, etc ..

If not valgus talipes in the fetus or the younger child?

Causes of incorrect installation, but they are pretty common and important:

  • Defects in the endocrine system, which is manifested in the form of diabetes or lack of functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • Distortions of the legs, which is manifested in the form of transverse flatfoot – the absence of the longitudinal depression opposite the thumb;
  • Osteoporosis is the main cause of the flat feet standing, as it leads to a decrease in the density and fragility of the bone tissue;
  • Excessive body weight increases the pressure on the foot and involuntarily forcing you to focus on the faces the limb;
  • Mechanical damage;
  • The genetic factor.

Greater attention should be wrongly selected shoes, which must not be greater/smaller than it should be. Girls, growing up is strictly prohibited tapered high heel shoes, that contribute to inappropriate weight distribution on the foot. Parents of teenagers should understand that at this stage of growing up the base stops the extract harder and longer than it does in small children.

The word will say, the deformation is quite rare and congenital, is even rarer.

The kids have a two years old plant begins to form as the result of an increase in physical activity when they are learning to run and jump and unconsciously put your feet flat, trying to keep his balance.

At the same time they chose their first "serious" running shoes, that must be tough heel, orthotic insole and other necessary attributes.

Do not forget that in this age of deformation is developing faster than in the teenage years, and initially incorrect installation can cause curvature of the spine, degenerative disk disease and other adult diseases of the joints and bones.

Conservative treatment

Deformity of foot in children is bound to their relatives, to buy special shoes with inserts, the factors for determining the position of the fingers, ties and supports. Along with this continuous massage, it is done courses on 10 sessions and again every 4 month to complete the hotfix installation.

The home held an impromptu massage in the form of the game, forcing the child to placed on the feet are not flat, and walk them on a rubber surface or fingers to grab small objects.

Massage and wears special footwear, which cause severe pain, the complex therapeutic exercises should be complemented with treatments with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Note that all of the conservative treatment is selected, only the doctor, and not self-correcting!


stop treatment in children

If the valgus deformity of the foot progresses, and the installation does not change your shape for the better, surgery will be scheduled. This treatment changes the angle between the bones of the feet, which encourages the proper distribution of the pulling capacity of the ties.

The procedure of operational changes to the installation are recognized, without damage and need no plaster or in structures made from metal. The phase of rehabilitation and that will not weeks, literally the next day, when the patient completely forgets about physical therapy, exhausting and difficult to massage, orthopedic shoes, pain free puts legs are not flat, as it should, and his parents do not have to worry about that valgus pathology again make themselves felt. In the case where the diagnosis start or at the beginning of the strong distortion of the stop, the child is not capable to move independently.

This is not surprising, as none of the massage or boots cannot change abnormal structure of the arc, where the outer edge of which is omitted, and the torso up.

Preventive measures

So, your child does not eat the fruits of parental negligence, it was not painful massage, that do not use orthopedic shoes, and did not move physical therapy, are recommended:

  1. Periodically review the pediatrician and the orthopedist, be sure that the child has;
  2. Do not buy shoes for growth, is trying to save money or hook a lot of warm socks;
  3. Splurge on high quality shoes with minimum heel and the insole preventing the foot to stand flat and when driving these minimum massage;
  4. Shoes must be made from quality and natural substances, when folding the inflection point should be at the toe, but not in the middle of the sole;
  5. Let the baby often take off their shoes and walk barefoot on the pebbles, the warm earth, the grass, and only on a special carpet. So he's going to make himself not a physical massage and unlearn to lay the leg flat, trying to avoid stepping on stones or thorns.

As you can see, in a well-organised living conditions, to prevent the need for wearing orthopedic shoes is not as difficult as it seems.

Get yourself a nice habit of making their child a relaxing massage before bedtime and you will not only improve his night's rest, but also save your overall health.