How to get rid of hallux valgus feet in children — rates

Hallux valgus flat feet experts believe the most common pathology among the pediatric orthopedic diseases. Most often hallux valgus in children pictures diagnosis immediately after the makes the first steps. This disease is characterized by improper location of the stop child vis-à-vis each other, when walking the focus is on their inner side.

Congenital disease can be determined at the first examination by the podiatrist to a child who is still in the hospital. Having small children on foot there is a small layer of fat, so that you can at this age also I do not see the pathological development of the foot. If you want to speak with confidence about the presence, the absence of such pathology may be, when the skeleton is fully formed approximately 6 years.

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Photo of hallux valgus deformity of the foot in children up to two years, it is difficult to determine. Variances these types of experts considered the norm in this age. Also note the similarity of this disease with clava pede.

The causes can be the same platypodia, but the treatment is necessary, it is quite another.

An important factor in the occurrence of hallux valgus flatfoot, the child is considered to be heredity.

If one of the parents suffered from this disease with a high probability that it will appear in his children.

Flat Hallux valgus curvature, the stop can also develop due to the following reasons:

  • Overweight of the mother and severe obesity during pregnancy;
  • Wearing uncomfortable footwear;
  • Hypermobility of the joints;
  • Trauma to the legs;
  • Disorders of motor functions;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Violation of the metabolism of calcium and other useful substances in the body;
  • Lack of vitamin D;
  • The presence of cerebral palsy, polio and other diseases that cause paralysis of the lower extremities.

Varieties of pathology

Children of valgus flat foot can be congenital and acquired. For the transformation of the foot in the first case, which is already in the womb, along with the formation of the skeleton.

The acquired form of the disease is the result of a negative impact on the body of one or more negative factors. Description valgus deformity of the foot in the child may differ.


There are three following valgus pathology:

  • Of the cross. The main signs of this pathology can be called significantly advanced the feet. The muscles and tendons responsible for straightening the fingers are in tension. The child complains of pulling pain.
  • Longitudinal. For the determination of this pathology with gait disturbances, changing the shape of the foot, during palpation, the child can feel pain. Children cannot long remain on their feet, as an improper position of the feet causing discomfort.
  • In combination. This apartment has all the signs of disease, but are rarely accompanied by pain. Talipes kombinirovannogo Vida does not cause the child discomfort.

The level of development of

Hallux valgus flat foot can have four stages of development. For each form of the disease is characterized by a special course of disease. Methods of diagnosis and treatment in each case would differ.

Hallux valgus position of the feet develops in stages:

Stage 1. In the initial phase of disease is easily and quickly diagnosed and treated. Stop at the first stage of hallux valgus flat feet are situated flat, with a small deviation (15°.)

Phase 2. At this stage the deviation of the foot at 20°. The treatment of a disease, which will be long, but will do its best and use a variety of methods, it is possible to complete recovery.

With the scaffolding. To correct the deformity with deviation of up to 30°, it will be very difficult. Therapy must be integrated with the use of massage, a traditional therapy, and will be the prolonged wearing of orthopedic shoes.

Stage 4. This form of hallux valgus curvature, which is the most severe. In the flatfoot 4. stage stop child positioned flat, the angle of deviation exceeds 30°.

Complex treatment in this case is unlikely to show a positive result. The only option to remedy the deformity is surgery.


Valgus curvature of the foot does not occur suddenly, but develops through quite a long period, so that the potential for recovery are quite large. Successful treatment of hallux valgus flatfoot depends on the timely diagnosis. The sooner parents will notice that your child is deformation of the sole, the easier and faster the treatment. The reason for the visit is a podiatrist should be the following symptoms:

  • The child complains at the end of the day pulling pain in the legs;
  • Unsteady walking, concoctionem from side to side;
  • Presence on the soles of calluses and corns;
  • Your fingers are constantly separated, not pressed together;
  • The child appeal of the uncomfortable shoes due to the width and other properties of the sole.


For the treatment of hallux valgus deformity is necessary in several ways. Only such a comprehensive approach it is possible to hope for a good result. Trademarks all therapeutic techniques, which are aimed at the reconstruction of the shape of the foot and freedom from unpleasant symptoms.

The most effective and affordable methods of treatment of hallux valgus flat feet are massage, physical exercises, wearing specially designed shoes. It is often used electrophoresis, wrap the wax, acupuncture and foot bath.



The method of treatment of hallux valgus flat feet in children is very effective. The meetings are conducted in conjunction with other treatments that strengthen the body. In addition to massage, attention should be paid to the lower back, as it's happening, the branches of nerve endings, which are sent to the muscles of the legs.

For massage of the foot with valgus required of the patient on the abdomen and put a special pillow under the foot. Using pliers grip pattern to the outsole should be good RUB and knead, rhythmic massage.

Therapeutic massage on a flat hallux valgus disease completely stabilizes the muscle tone, relieves tension, strengthens muscle tissue.

Also thanks massage improves blood circulation and enriched oxygen in the tissues and ligaments, which normalizes the development of the feet.

The process will be more effective if you massage with valgus deformities of the foot in children and other types of flat feet will be complemented by specially designed the following exercises:

  • Capture and hold at the bottom of his ball or toys;
  • Flexion and extension soles;
  • Mix with your fingers;
  • Capture and hold at the bottom of his ball or toys;
  • Rotation of the tibia.

You must always remember that a massage at PLANO valgus foot is the easiest treatment option.


The implementation of the medical-gymnastic procedures, which is a necessary step in the treatment of hallux valgus flatfoot. Exercise should be done barefoot or in thin socks. A number of activities aimed at habituation of the foot that is in the right position, especially when walking.

At the first steps of the child to increase their footprint, very wide of the city the foot. Up to three years, this walking is the norm, and further gives a correct and stable statement of the constitution.

The best exercise for hallux valgus curvature on the generation of proper walking skills, the experts believe that walking on the type of the narrow path. Its width may not exceed 15 cm.

You can use a long Board, draw on the carpet or just draw two parallel lines with chalk on the floor. Children must be offered go all the way, not intercedere the borders of the track.

Children with the disease, which is deviated hallux valgus of the foot are shown the exercises on the wall bars, as well as swimming. Handling of water has a positive effect on the whole body of the child, improves metabolism, increases immunity.

Jump on a corrugated orthopedic Mat, posuit in the bathroom will also have a positive effect. Kids who have fun doing gymnastics while swimming in a special coating by the exercise becomes easy to achieve, because the water removes the extra load and the leg moves freely.

Orthopedic shoes

Shoes, sandals for a child with hallux valgus, and not just flat feet should be more than thoroughly. Must be enough rigid material to keep the foot and heel in the correct horizontal position.

Experts recommend that you opt for wearing orthopedic high boots, ankle lock the whole Document.

The size of the orthopedic shoes need to be picked up, starting with your child's feet. The sole should be slightly (1 cm) more than the legs. Also be sure the presence of a small wide heel.

Children with congenital disorders valgus of the foot is strictly prohibited to wear shoes with soft, flat shoes without backs (flip flops, boots, rubber boots, etc). It is also not advisable to wear someone else shoes, as this will only bring harm, non est fortis children's feet.



To care for the child, health should start before birth. Proper management of pregnancy will prevent the child birth defects, and protect you from further acquired diseases. A woman expecting a child, you must eat right, move enough, and perform all the prescribing physician.

If the child is at birth you suspect to hallux valgus of the foot, up to 8 months is necessary to limit the burden on the immature child's feet. It is very important to also take into account the following rules prevent valgus of the disease:

  • Do not overload the leg muscles of the child, especially in early infancy (before 12 months);
  • Regularly available the prevention of rickets and other diseases;
  • The tone of the leg muscles with the help of gymnastic exercises;
  • Only wear shoes made of rigid materials;
  • To increase the immunity to avoid viral diseases.

In children, Hallux valgus flat foot respond well to treatment, if such an abnormality is detected in an early stage. As soon diagnosis and start of treatment, you can count on a full fast recovery.

Only an experienced doctor in this field and do not know how to treat these diseases, therefore self-medication, it is better to not participate. If PLANO valgus feet significant, then the treatment of the curvature, surgery is indicated.