Treatment of valgus deformation of inches without surgery

Hallux valgus (halus valgus) is a disease that affect the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue around the joint of the first toe. This pathological condition is characterized as slowly progressive. The sooner it is identified the more effective the treatment of valgus deformation of the thumb, the nature of which is determined on the basis of visual inspection and complaints of the patient and results obtained in x-ray examination.

treatment of valgus deformation of the thumb

Where and how for treatment of hallux valgus deformity of the foot

The initial form of halus valgus amenable to conservative (without surgery) treatment, whose goal is to eliminate symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. Hallux valgus progresses slowly, developing over years, so that patients often do not pay attention to the symptoms characteristic for the initial stage of the disease.

In fact the doctor in the second or third stage, when the base of the thumb appears the bones-punch, which causes pain. In this case, to remove the effuse of bone tissue can only be of surgical (operational) mode. This can be avoided, and for the treatment of deformity of the toes with the help of conservative methods (without surgery), if you see a specialist in time.

In case of late detection of significant deviations from the joint of the big toe from its normal position is elected for surgical (operative) treatment. If you want to determine which treatment will provide optimal results in your case, after consultation with the relevant doctor.

At our clinic are receiving experienced professionals that will help you to choose the tactics of treatment, to any degree of hallux valgus of the first toe.

The operational methods of treatment of hallux valgus

Operations on halus valgus are deformations of I-IV degrees. The surgeon determines the type of surgical intervention and the need to aggregate data about the angles between the first and second metatarsal bones and the position of the thumb compared to the metatarsal bones.

Until recently the only option for the surgical treatment of hallux valgus in adults remained the operation of the Shad, in which the bulging of the bones sawed off the work or remove the head of the metatarsal bone.

In the modern orthopaedic clinic patients are available hundreds of options for the surgical correction of the hallux valgus big toe differs from the Shad a more lasting effect and a small rehabilitation period.

For example, osteotomy (surgery to correct deformities or to improve function with an artificial bone fracture), which allows you to return the joint back in place and lock it into position, sparing the patient from the continued pain when walking and prevent the development of late complications halus valgus.

Surgery to correct halus valgus carried out in the hospital, in a specialised Department (traumatology or orthopedics). Times when after the surgery for the treatment of deformities, patient has to use crutches and walk in a cast, has been in the past.

The use of innovative techniques of surgical correction allows to load the foot immediately after surgery, even distribution of load with the use of the orthosis.

Valgus deformity of the big toe treatment without surgery

A decision on whether conservative therapy halus valgus should profile physician — podiatr, podiatrist (treatment stop), or orthopedic surgeon, because such a tactic is justified only in the case of a slight deviation of the joint from its normal position.

The main therapeutical areas are in the early stages:

  • the removal of the discomfort that occurs during walking and prolonged standing;
  • correction of the deviated position of the thumb;
  • achieving optimal weight, determined by, respectively, sex and age of the patient;
  • reduction of physical load on damaged joints.

On the basis of the treatment plan for the removal of halus valgus, is a selection for the patient, comfortable and wide enough shoes, do not hesitate to deformed toes.

To the load while walking is distributed correctly, it is recommended that casual wear of various orthotic designs: custom insoles, arch supports, foot pads that are installed between your fingers. The use of these devices, patients are not only getting rid of pain, but also visually correct deformed foot.

treatment of valgus deformation of the thumb exercise

Conservative treatment hallux valgus in adult

The objectives of the therapeutic treatment of hallux valgus to prevent the development of pathology in young patients and pain at any degree of deformation in the elderly.

The primary criteria for the removal of the causes:

  • normalization of body weight to reduce pressure on the foot;
  • the optimization of the load, eliminating the long walks and the static position;
  • the correct choice of shoes and using orthotic inserts to reduce pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint of the thumb;
  • the use of special orthopedic insoles and factors between the first and second toes of the foot to prevent the derogation of an inch.

In the treatment of hallux valgus in adults show a good result, finger identification, and bears at night. Do not cause discomfort and is securely attached to the finger according to the axis of the foot. Also for the correction of the arch of the foot during sleep are advised to wear a special gum-ties.

How to relieve severe pain in the leg?

Severe pain in the region of bone growth, swelling and signs of inflammation use its warming and anti-inflammatory creams. A good effect is the circular massage of the protruding bone ("bumps") with a piece of ice. Pain, syndrome helps to relieve intra-articular and periarticular injection of diprospan and hydrocortisone. This treatment of the deformation of the toes for the courses, on an outpatient basis. As a drug treatment, we recommend taking ibuprofen, nimesulide.

During remission halus valgus assigned courses ozokerito - or paraffinotherapies, magnetic therapy, UHF, electrophoresis with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Massage and physiotherapy in the treatment of the deformity

Effective methods of conservative treatment halus valgus – medical gymnastics and massage conducted courses. Massage movements help to relax the muscles of the foot. In this case, the leading active rubbing and kneading the joint, tapping, forced circular motions with your fingers, the more redirects them to the page. For the relaxation of muscles and perform massage of the lumbar spine, back, thighs, knees, joints.

Therapeutic exercises aimed at the elimination flatfoot, rehabilitation and strengthening of muscular-ligamentous apparatus. A special set of exercises you must perform daily: improve blood circulation and help to reduce the unpleasant manifestations of the symptoms of hallux valgus.

Today, the hallux valgus is observed not only in humans, the Mature years, however, it is possible also in children and adolescents. Timely conservative treatment helps to avoid problems in the future, so that, if there were typical symptoms halus valgus, do not postpone visit to the doctor. Clinic specialists will select for you the best course of conservative therapy for the treatment of deformity of the big toe.