11 exercises for feet with hallux valgus

Hallux valgus is a very nasty pathological changes, which brings not only an aesthetic discomfort, but also a lot of pain. Hallux valgus is a disease that expresses itself directly in the curvature of the knuckle of the thumb.

valgus deformity of the foot

Because of this curvature, which are deformed and all the other toes. With hallux valgus people can't wear normal shoes, as the base of the thumb formed a lump. When walking it rubs against shoes, causing a lot of discomfort and pain pain. Valgus foot seen in the following symptoms:

  • the increase of the bones in the foot near the first toe;
  • fatigue of the legs;
  • the problem with buying shoes.
  • pain in the joints of the legs;
  • deformation in the form of hammer toes.

Wearing high quality and reliable shoes

The curvature of the phalanges of the fingers to the toes can cause you choose the wrong shoes, especially high heel and narrow socks. As a rule, this is an orthopedic disease more do not suit women, as they are in pursuit of fashion to sacrifice comfort and buy uncomfortable high shoes to walk in, that it is simply impossible.

In addition, the effect of walking in heels is the curvature of the foot, you can get in the bargain, and varicose veins.

The fact that the load when walking in these shoes is divided incorrectly, which ultimately leads to the deformation of the fingers. An important role in the development of the disease has a genetics: if someone in your family has had this disease, it is likely that it will be passed to you by inheritance. Causes deformation of the stop can be endocrine disorders in the body and the transverse congenital flat feet.

In valgus installation of the foot, symptoms can often be confused with gout or arthritis. Before you begin treatment, and prevention of disease, confirm the diagnosis the doctor-orthopedist. After a thorough examination, x-rays, will be able to advise and prescribe a course of drug treatment, physical therapy or send you for surgery. It all depends on the level of development of the disease and its causes.

Physiotherapy in pathology of the stop

When valgus foot physiotherapy is very good for the healing process. You need to perform several times a day, the following exercises:

  1. Lie on the floor and not at home exercise, simulating Cycling. When you practice, try to pull the toe forward as the foot move away from you, and pull the socks back, when the foot moves in the opposite direction. The need to move parallel with the ground, should not be talking down in different directions. If you want to do this exercises you can for about 10 reps, 2 times per day.
  2. The next exercise you want to do is sit. Be lean hands on the floor behind him and pulling the leg forward. In turn, a bend, and then unbend the legs 10 times.
  3. In the same position as the above exercise, have your toes as wide as possible, in different directions. Possible try to stay in this position for a few minutes, and then return your fingers to the home position. To perform the exercises for 10-15 times.
  4. Sit on the floor and lean back with the hands, the fingers squeeze and open your legs for 5 minutes.
  5. Sit in a chair and move your legs in different directions, only with the help of the toes. This workout is called "the caterpillar", that would be very helpful.
  6. Sitting on a chair, take a pencil or pen, place it between the first and second toes. Circular movements or movements to the sides try to draw with a pencil different shapes or letters in the air.
  7. When standing, try to walk on your toes, arms up, then walk on the heels, hands at the sides, then the outer and the inner edge of the foot.
  8. The most useful exercise in this disease is stretching the ankle in yourself in any comfortable position. Sitting, standing or lying, try to pull the big toe all the way down. Then pull the legs forward, sitting on the floor and pulling the leg forward, move your thumbs at a time on each leg, then two legs at the same time.
  9. He sat down on a chair, with straight legs forward, trying to put our toes in the piece goods. Even small things, that can be moved from one place to another.
  10. Enter the bath water with a temperature of about 35 degrees and at the bottom put a rubber Mat with nails. Walking on it should not be more than 10 minutes.

Prevention of the basics of the constitution

With the proper setting of the stop plays a large role walking barefoot. May in the summer the warm time of the year to walk on grass, sand, gravel or pebbles.

Home also sits in front of the TV, you can roll with your fingers or foot on the ground some object, such as a small ball with spikes.

prevention of hallux valgus

LFK when deformed foot sometimes gives amazing results, and also helps to this without the surgery.

The effect of such exercises will in a few weeks, a few months and you will not forget the pain in the legs and bones.

In addition to physical education in valgus, the foot will be very helpful massage. You can contact an experienced technician, or after each bath to do self-massage.