Hallux valgus in children - types, causes and treatments

Of course, many parents almost immediately begin to sound the alarm. And for good reason, because miss serious illness is very simple, just enough to not notice the first symptoms. In this case, fatigue and pain in the legs, improper formulation, and the curvature of the stop can signal a very unpleasant problem: valgus deformity of the feet.

What is hallux valgus in children and how to diagnose?

hallux valgus in children

Understand what Your child is any deviation or irregularity on the side of orthopedics is quite simple. Take a look at the child's feet: in the ideal case, they should be perfectly flat and the distance between the knees, ankles and calf muscles symmetrical. If visually you can draw a straight line through these three points, so nothing to worry about. And when the situation is different - you should consult an orthopedist.

So, let's look at the anomalies that should alert moms and dads:

  1. The child goes, in Your opinion, is wrong, and the legs, reminiscent of the letter "X", my knees almost touch each other when walking and the ankle for a child while divorced widely in the parties;
  2. If You ask the child to lie down on a flat surface and place the feet together, it becomes apparent that even when one knee over the other bones in the ankles are closed;
  3. Try to put son or daughter back and see how smooth legs. Valgus deformity is visible quite good: with relatively flat feet, the heel, as if the "go" in opposite to each other;
  4. Child shaped clear flat, and in places, where should be the arch of the foot is simply "filled up" inside, and when walking, touch the ground;
  5. You hear the constant complaints of the baby considerable pain in the legs, the limps or raises the leg, the socks inside.

On these grounds, parents will be able to determine if the child's pathology of the lower extremities, that requires the intervention of doctors.

In return, the orthopedic injuries at the front desk is a good look at the feet, measuring the length, the angle of deviation from the heel and knee. If this angle exceeds 5 degrees, so that the alarm is not in vain and the child will need therapy for the pathology.

What is a flat hallux valgus

Flat hallux valgus in a child shows that the curvature of the joints plus feet, is the total absence of the arch of the foot. Often such a diagnosis can coexist with valgus deformity of the knee, which is a very important error: the feet resemble the letter. There is another pathology, when your child's feet wrapped in the opposite direction, i.e. to support the arch and on the outer edge. The legs at the ankles can be collected, and in the knee joints, on the contrary, the divorced and look like a letter. This problem is called the varus deformity.

Hallux valgus with flat foot, is often congenital pathology and an important factor is heredity. If mom or dad have similar problems, it is likely that the child will be born with a similar condition.

Usually the child who is just beginning to take the first steps, the ties are pretty weak, and on the musculoskeletal system is not too good. By the age of three, mom and dad, do not panic: very young children can learn to walk, run and even jump with bent legs, without feeling of discomfort. Approximately 4-5 years, the situation will change and the legs will straighten by themselves, without any intervention from the doctors.

When a beloved child is more than five years, and the problem is still very noticeable, or make a child feel serious discomfort during the active movement, the pathology must be treated, otherwise no unpleasant consequences will not do. For the first time, permanently deform the foot, and then the knee due to permanent loads. Secondly, it will cause the curvature of the hip joints, and then the spine. Needless to say how severe the disease is the deformity of the vertebrae? In addition, what is the malaise, such as scoliosis can cause pain and discomfort, and lead to disability in severe cases.

In addition, it allowed the emergence of comorbidities, for example, arthrosis of the knee and hip joints, and hallux valgus big toe.

This problem, You have probably noticed, many adults: the big toe is strongly curved and seems to "climb" after the second toe. At the same time significantly bent and the other fingers of the foot, and the bone begins to bulge and even hurt.

Vitamin D deficiency, also due to the development of hallux valgus.

Methods of treatment of hallux valgus in children

The treatment of hallux valgus to stop must begin with a visit to a qualified podiatrist. The doctor will assess the degree of curvature will be to listen to complaints and make a diagnosis.

Usually for small deformations, it is enough to prepare for the following results:

  • Recommend wearing special orthopedic shoes. Probably, someone from parents will not like it because of its specific appearance, but today, manufacturers create shoes for children is very modern and very nice. In addition, life in your little patient will not have to walk, which is the most important, the heel is hard and competently made orthotic insole will do the trick: after some time, mom and dad will appreciate how much smoother the steel legs of the child;
  • No doubt, to take a few courses of massage. It's worth it to attract experienced massage therapist, who will perform a little specific exercises that help to develop the muscles of the foot. Parents can learn to do massage at your own home;
  • To do massage foot bath with pine extract and sea salt. These procedures relax the feet, relieve increased muscle tone and tension from the bond;
  • Access to the swimming pool;
  • To purchase individual massage mats or make them with your hands. Walking on a flat floor does not change the situation for the better, but on the contrary can only aggravate;
  • Sessions of gymnastics every day, and not a set of exercises aimed at correction of the statement of the child's foot. Another option is to try to go for physical therapy sessions.

How to make a massage Mat for the house with his own hands?

massage with feet deformity

Mats massage a child you can buy in specialized stores, where they sell orthopedic shoes. But you can also try to make a pad for massaging the feet.

For example, take a thick cloth: felt, denim or any other that You have at home. Stitching around the perimeter of the fabric, the buttons, of different sizes, and then secure the Mat to the floor using furniture staples, so that is not experienced when a baby will be walking on it. Such a Mat it is better to attach a wooden floor, furniture and the buckle are mounted to a tiled floor.

Also you can use as the basis for the soft pad of the tiles in the puzzle. With the hot glue gun, try to stick by the sea-smooth pebbles, glass stones for aquariums, large beans or coffee beans. Also for preventive Mat, which is suitable to the soft hair that used ladies styling at night.

A lot of the prevention of hallux valgus stop is to walk on earth, grass and sand. Therefore, the summer will definitely go a little outside the city, in the country, or arrange for a holiday at sea.

Radical therapy

Unfortunately, sometimes the curvature of the legs of the child, you can't win with the help of physical therapy, orthopedic shoes, or massages. In this case it is necessary to use more drastic methods of treatment for this pathology.

For example, you can try the drug electrophoresis. This will help to deliver medications through the skin, affecting the right areas of electric shock. Don't worry, this procedure is painless. Everything will feel the child is light, tingling, but a large number of children that will not have pain during the procedure.

The other option is to remove the hallux valgus is magnetic. Physical activity during this procedure is carried out with the help of the magnetic pulse. It stimulates blood circulation in certain areas, has anti-inflammatory effect and reduces pain.

Surgical surgery for hallux valgus

Acceptance that doctors are trying to use in the most extreme cases is surgery. Surgery for hallux valgus is aimed at eliminating defects of the foot, while the formulation in place of the thumb, and commit to the stop in the desired direction.

Usually during the surgery uses the retainer titanium screws or wires, which are removed subsequently, if they cause the patient considerable discomfort. The operation is rarely performed in young patients, usually turning to this mode in a later age, closer to 18 years.

The curvature of the feet of children is a problem that can be resolved using standard treatment methods. Parents need only time to pay attention to walking children, and immediately contact your doctor without of diseases.