Massage feet with flat feet in children

To 2. in children often podiatrists diagnose hammertoe valgus type, when there is more emphasis on the inner part. The curvature prevents children to develop the basic skills of walking, sometimes accompanied by discomfort, pain, underlying medical conditions. On 1 and 2 degrees of valgus is possible to perform conservative treatment, which in 90% of cases ends in complete recovery in accordance with all recommendations of the doctor. An integral part of the treatment is massage of the feet with valgus in children. How to do it properly, on that note, tell article.

Flat feet

Hallux valgus

Massage is indicated for the treatment of most diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Children are often diagnosed with varus and valgus curvature of the foot. You need to understand what is the difference between these diseases, as massage techniques differ from each other.

Varus deformation is easily distinguished from hallux valgus. When valgus foot children walking gives emphasis to the inner surface of the sole, the feet become special X-shaped.


If the child's feet, that would give the right to join the knee, at the ankle will be likely to have a crack over 3 see This sign, which clearly indicates a valgus deformity of the foot type.

If the child has a varus curvature of the emphasis in walking, that will be done on the outside of the soles of the feet will be in the form of the letter "s", rounded off from the knee to the ankle.

Must be able to distinguish also, valgus deformity of the foot from flat feet. The second is characterized by a concomitant complication, characterized by flat feet. This is reflected in the omission of the arch of the foot when the transverse or longitudinal arch deformation, resulting in enhanced flat soles.

If it is good to paint over with regular paint child's foot and place it on a sheet of paper, the difference will be reflected in the lack of valgus the type of interval (gap) between the inner side of the sole and arch. A floor plan will be completely straight and extended to the inner side. Well seen contrast of the disease in the picture below. Massage with flat feet in children effective as the normal hallux valgus.

Rules of massage for children up to 2 years

Children younger than 2 years of age, to identify the deformity of the foot difficult. This is due to the anatomical peculiarities of the feet. They are 3-5 years old have a flat shape. Over time, it alone passes.

Children up to 2 years podiatrists can diagnose valgus curvature and I recommend to spend at home baby massage.

Follow the procedure in this way:

  • Massage with hallux valgus starts from the back;
  • You need to give a child is placed into the lower part of the leg, to use a hard roller;
  • The child's foot to hanging;
  • To start the process should be light stroking (used baby cream or special massage for children);
  • Pats start from the back, hands are along the spine, on each side, on the side, without touching, to the armpit, on the neck;
  • After the massage, you can RUB your fingers should be light and done with the fingers;
  • In a circular motion, to work in the area of the buttocks;
  • You should alternate the movement so that no part of the body is not cooled, is heated under the influence of the hands;
  • Go to the feet, when there would, for the first time, stroking, rubbing, small Pat with your fingers in your hips, back and front;
  • The transition to the foot, carefully massage each finger, as if he pulled along the entire length;
  • For the implementation of the eight - stroking motion from the heel to the toes and back through the center.

Massage for children under the age of 2 years should be performed every morning and evening before bathing. The procedure is described in 10-15 minutes.

Baby massage from 3 years

Children 3 years to do the advanced massage. Foot massage for the child with valgus of the foot, is done the same way in the morning and in the evening, as the kids. Classic massage in valgus installation stop is available as:

  • The child is placed on the surface of the massage table belly down;
  • If you want to start with a back massage, for the implementation of: the soft strokes, the circular side surface of the hands, rubbing;
  • Used stroking throughout the body, from the neck to the toes;
  • In the lumbosacral region are: vigorous kneading and rubbing, stroking from the spine to the sides of the back;
  • Movement cover the buttocks area, composed of circular strokes, kneading, pinching, patting;
  • The transition to the foot, the entire surface of the foot;
  • Alternate the stroking and rubbing of the thighs and the lower part of the leg (with internal and external clients);
  • Children older than 7 years, you can use the techniques of tapping, pinching, percussive movements;
  • The foot should pay attention to each finger, knead, massage the heel, the heel;
  • It is stroking from the feet to the knee joints, from the toes to the ankle, on the inner side of the stop effect, it is necessary to strengthen to make the muscles in tone.

The complete massage should be simple strokes with the fingers.

The treatment of hallux valgus includes a variety of measures – massage, physical therapy and wearing orthopedic shoes.

General instructions what you need to know

Orthopedists recommend massage at home, having regard to the recommendation:

  • Massage always starts with the position – lying on his stomach, feet in the area of the pads abut on the roller;
  • The procedure should be carried out every day in the curvature (morning and evening);
  • Box or between, you need to use exercises from physical therapy, and will help to strengthen the muscles of the child;
  • If the child is crying and does not want to perform the procedure at a certain point, is better postponed to a later time;
  • If you combine the procedure with bathing, exercises in hallux valgus, a health effect is amplified;
  • Better to self-treat to see, with a special video to understand how to perform each movement;
  • The average massage course is 12 treatments depending on the extent of involvement of the foot in the child (break 2-4 weeks);
  • Children older than 2 years, must buy a bike, this is the perfect extra incentive to correct valgus of the foot;
  • You should avoid heavy, crushing and sharp movements, not to frighten the child.

Observing all the guidelines and rules of massage, you can completely get rid of flatfoot, or hallux valgus of the feet.