What shoes need a woman with hallux valgus

Ladies hallux valgus or planovalgus foot are not uncommon. Experts believe that this disease can be the result of hereditary predisposition, hormonal disorders and osteoporosis. The longer the disease progresses, the higher the risk for serious complications. Orthopedic shoes for women with hallux valgus can become the real salvation from pain in the feet and other problems.

hallux valgus shoes

Valgus deformity: features of the disease

When this happens the shift of the big toe inward due to pathological changes in the metatarsophalangeal joint. With this disease gradually broken other fingers. The deformation occurs due to unevenness in the front braking Department, with marked weakness of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus. If a woman is with all of this will become a to wear uncomfortable shoes with pointed toe, platform or stiletto on, the situation can worsen considerably.

In the field of the deformed joint may cause the "bones" that can be swell, also the patient feeling pain in the legs, tired quickly during walking, suffer from constant corns and involuntary contraction of the muscles of the lower extremities.

The development of hallux valgus is in front of the apartment. We recommend that you closely monitor your health and do not ignore the symptoms of this disease, as it is in the early stages it is much better correctable.

What are the shoes with hallux valgus

Planovalgus foot – a direct indication for the prescription of orthopaedic shoes. Disease is at an early stage, it is still very possible to terminate the use of appropriate complex therapy, including therapeutic massage, gymnastics, physiotherapy and, of course, with the use of orthopedic shoes, or accessories, if necessary.

Orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus should be chosen only on the recommendation of a podiatrist. Insoles, should have a special shape and structure that the pressure is evenly distributed, and the sole, which was the right place. There are several basic criteria that must be met for the orthopedic shoes for women with flat-valgus foot:

  • the presence of anatomical arch support to maintain the arch of the foot;
  • the presence of metatarsal pads on the fingers;
  • tight fixation of the foot for stability when walking;
  • dense moulded heel counter;
  • flexible sole with side bow for him to be covered by the arch support;
  • high-quality materials, to ensure proper ventilation for your feet.

Such shoes can be customized, or purchased in the shop.

In the early stages of hallux valgus shoes, it is recommended to choose natural breathable materials with a small heel and a wide toe. Insole must have metatarsal pads in the toe region, it is necessary to extract the longitudinal-transverse arch.
hallux valgus, what shoes need

Useful properties of orthopedic shoes

If women already have developed the pathology, choosing the right shoes will halt its progression, prevent complications, and eliminate existing painful symptoms. The main feature of the Shoe is the proper redistribution of the load and to ensure the appropriate functionality of the muscles of the foot. So women can get rid of constant corns, pain and a feeling of fatigue that occurs in the legs, even when it is only a short walk.

Your doctor may also advise you to buy a special orthotics or inserts in great demand and special factors molokoobrazovanie forms, separating the deformed fingers. Such devices will help to protect against abnormal pressure, relieve the head of the metatarsal bone, they prevent the formation of calluses and corns. It is important that running shoes provides normal thermoregulation, because the moisture not only causes discomfort, but also for the development of fungal diseases.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of orthopedic shoes for women, specially designed for the correction of PLANO-valgus of the foot. The look of the model does not differ from the usual, but they have special cushioning in the arch and the pads that support the front region of the foot.

Often in advanced disease, which may indicate surgical correction. In the postoperative period is also recommended to wear a special orthopedic Shoe, which helps to speed up the process of recovery, and provides effective prevention of recurrences and complications.

Guidelines for choosing orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus

Selection of women's orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus, it is advisable to follow the following recommendations:

  • choose model, size – the shoes should not push or be too loose. Winter models, you can choose 1 inch greater than the length of your foot;
  • hallux valgus shoes for women
  • try on both shoes or boot, walk in the new shoes, to understand how it is comfortable;
  • select a model with a spacious, wide toe – pointed shoes with hallux valgus, are strictly contraindicated;
  • make sure that the soles are not slippery and is flexible enough on the front side;
  • the cartridge is the necessary arch support to relieve the foot;
  • choose a model, made from genuine leather, suede, as these materials are breathable and good, will be able to provide the necessary ventilation.

So, with this disease, such as hallux valgus, orthopedic shoes, that is necessary for all members of the fair sex. Select the product on the advice of the orthopedist and follow his recommendations, then you will be able to maintain the health and beauty of your legs, and also to avoid a lot of serious consequences for the organism.