flat feet in adults — how to fight?

The problem hallux valgus foot was facing more than 25% of the population.

Depending on the severity of the disease syndrome are treated with conservative and surgical methods.

What is a hammertoe?

Adults the police is the most common orthopedic disease, which manifests itself in the right position of the first toe and the shaft of the foot inward.

This disease of the joints of the tibia becomes X-shaped curvature.

Externally, the pathology is manifested in the fact that the finger is in the direction of the little finger and the back side of the foot is common, which is popularly called "bone".

Also not quite the heel. When put together the legs, the heels are at a distance of 4 cm or more.

This deviation affects the condition of the tendons, ligaments, joints and bones of the lower extremities.

A similar pathology occurs for many reasons, one of which is genetic predisposition. It can also occur because of peculiarities of the feet.

This problem mainly experienced by women after the age of 30 years.

The main reason for the appearance of this orthopedic disease in women – this fascinating shoe.

valgusnaya-deformaciya-stopy-u-vzroslih-prich my vozniknovanya

Also this disease can manifest itself, if one uses the narrow or small size shoes that cause the toes to curl.

A long time wearing such shoes provokes joint inflammation of the joints.

Flat feet may appear due to osteoporosis. This disease is lack of calcium in the bones, so the bones deteriorate faster and are subjected to bending.

People who are overweight also often encounter this problem. Due to the severity of the body increases the load on the legs, therefore, to develop flat feet, which causes bursitis.

Faced with this problem, and pregnant women. During the carrying a child a woman's body goes hormonal imbalance, provoking the weakening of the ligaments.

Also flat feet may be due to trauma to the foot.

Other reasons:

  1. Inflammation of the ligaments.
  2. Clubfoot.

Often in combination with deformation of the big toe causing such a basic disease such as:

  1. Osteoarthritis of the joints.
  2. A flat foot.
  3. Exhalation of the heads of the metatarsal bones.

Causes of hallux valgus in the elderly

The elderly bursitis of the first toe of the foot seems to cause metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease.

Also the reason for the deviation can be dysplasia of the connective tissue.

The development stage hallux valgus

There are 4 stages of the disease of the first toe. They differ in the angle of deviation of the finger.

The first stage is characterized by a wrong position of 15 degrees. The second degree of the development of the disease the deflection angle is 20 degrees.

If a person has a change of 30 degrees, this indicates the third stage of hallux valgus.

The fourth degree of the finger is offset more than 30 degrees.

If the person in the first or second degree state, he should not take radical measures.


This pathology rarely causes pain, and that only cosmetic problems. If the third and fourth stage, the person will experience pain and discomfort when walking.

The treatment of such disease is, after all, if this is not done, can have negative consequences in the form of:

  1. Atrophy of the toes when walking.
  2. not the proper growth of nails.
  3. Rubbing corns.
  4. Osteomyelitis.

The last affliction is extremely dangerous to human health. Osteomyelitis is called purulent-necrotic process that develops in the bone system of human. As a result, the disease can destroy all parts of the bones of the foot.

Curvature of the legs is 3 type. The mild form is characterized by the height of the longitudinal arch of 15-20 mm and the angle of heel up to 15 degrees.

This intermediate-degree arc height does not exceed 10 mm, and the tilt angle is 10 degrees.

A serious position is caused by the height of the arc from 0 to 5 mm, and tilt angle shall not exceed 5 degrees.

Treatment of deformation of the big toe and

The treatment of hallux valgus in adults should visit a podiatrist or surgeon. Not be amiss to consult an endocrinologist.

The doctor will examine the foot, to hold a series of necessary analyses and to eliminate or confirm the possibility that this is a problem because of the hormonal disruption in humans.

Today, doctors to solve the problem using conservative methods and surgery.

Treatment of hallux valgus without surgery is possible only in the case when the person first and the second phase of the development of the disease.

Conservative treatment is less effective than surgical, but is better tolerated by patients.

So if it is possible to correct the deviation without surgery, doctors prescribe the wearing of fixers, gymnastics and complex therapy medications.

If the cause of this orthopedic disease is the excessive pressure on the feet, because of the extra weight, doctors recommend that a person lose weight. When the prescribed diet.

Special exercises

Exercises for hallux valgus in adults is associated with a set of exercises that must be renewed daily.

Initially, doctors recommend to stretch the ankle. People need to sit on the floor, stretch your legs and pulling socks. It is also recommended to do lifting on socks, standing on the hill.

One of the most effective exercises for hallux valgus in adults is "bike".


To perform lie down on a flat surface, raise the legs alternately and make kicking movements in the air, reminiscent of Cycling.

You can also do this exercise: a man bent over on the floor, not leaning back to the surface. The legs are in a horizontal plane. Divorce socks in alternating directions. Make at least 10 times.

That shade of joints it is recommended to actively compress and decompress the toes.

If the person is a special ball, it is attached to the two "bones". Kicking the ball is squeezed as much as possible.


If the person is the first or the second phase of the development of pathology, the orthopedic prescribed wearing clips.

This is a special device that is worn on the foot to correct the deviation of the big toe. Clips must only be used at night and remove in the morning.

Drug treatment

Drug therapy involves the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which is referred to in the cartilage and connective tissue.

These medicines come in different forms. But most often, doctors prescribe medication in the form of injectables connection administration, gels and creams.

In conjunction with anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment are corticosteroids.

These drugs speed up the regeneration of connective tissue, and regulate protein and water-salt balance.

This synthetic steroid hormones that affect the human body's natural.


Massage hallux valgus in adults, it is not recommended to do yourself.

It is better to entrust to specialists. To improve the condition need at least 20 procedures.


The outer part of the lower leg massage is done gently, in a circular motion, and the inside is rubbed intensively.

This technique relaxes the external and internal muscles of the legs.

Baths and compresses of herbs

If not properly position the bones, it is recommended to do a salt bath. 30 g of salt was diluted with 2 l of water.

The mixture is poured in a basin of warm water where they steamed the legs for 15 minutes. The procedure is carried out for 15 days daily before going to bed.

When the orthopaedic deviation you can make a compress. Take 2 pieces of burdock, previously greased with turpentine and spread to the bone.

On top of the pack, we have to put plastic wrap and a bandage, then wear cotton socks.

Keep the leaves must not exceed 20 minutes. Packing is done daily before bedtime for 2 months.

Get rid of the speaking connection using clay. Method of preparation: 50 grams of red clay mixed with 1 tablespoon of salt 5 drops of turpentine and 200 ml of boiled water. The finished mixture is applied to the foot and leave the end of solidification. Then wash off with warm water.

Also recommended to make compresses decoction of madder dyeing. Grass poured a small amount of water, brought to a boil and cooled.

The liquid soaked gauze and apply to the affected area.

Surgical method of treatment

If the third and fourth degree of severity of the disease is surgery.

One method of surgical treatment is mini-invasive repair. It is to cut two finger holes in the sides using the cutters in line with the toes of the big toe.

If a person is detected bend is not more than 17 degrees, but the disease progresses, the method of chevron osteomy. This operation of cleaning the buildup is common.


Also fixed the phalanges of the first toe titanium wire and screw. This design installed in a timely manner. When the finger is aligned, the screw and the thread is pulled out of the legs.

The second and third stage of development of orthopedic pathology is recommended to apply a function with the name of the scarf-osteomy. Surgical procedure involves inserting two titanium screws for fixation of phalanx.

Also, in some cases, exostectomy, and osteotomy (removal of part of the phalanx of a finger).

If the joint is severe, then replace it with the implant.

Postoperative care

Immediately after surgery it is forbidden to move on foot.

Wiggle your toes only on the second day. Stand on one foot is allowed not earlier than 10 days.

After surgery, the person is recommended 3 – 4 weeks to wear special shoes. At night it is recommended to use corrective splints.

During rehabilitation, has received anti-inflammatory drugs and perform therapeutic exercises.


If the time note hallux valgus of the first toe, the development of the disease can be prevented by wearing orthopedic shoes.