PLANO-valgus feet — looking for a good podiatrist

With the exciting moment of the child's birth up to his first, very important step is almost a year. The crumbs clumsily on the first go. With increasing walking skills of almost all the walking is improving, but there are cases when the child continued to walk, stepping mainly on the inner surface of the foot, valgus of the foot defect, is able to make life difficult for the little man. Of this negative moment today, and will be discussed.

What is PLANO-valgus feet?


A curvature in the inward (toward the center of the body), the initially straight axis of the tibia to the foot, accompanied by a decrease in the amount of the arches of the foot and deviation of the heel and the toe to the outside (the back looks like butterfly wings). The average of the inner longitudinal arch of the foot (the delay between the heel and toes) almost disappears. Compression and straightening of the knees of the child, the distance between the inner surface of the ankles, which is larger than 4 cm. If you put a child on the legs, between the legs emerges clearly pathological with the letter "X".

This X-shaped position of the legs relative to each other, is called a "PLANO-valgus feet".

What are the causes for the development of this disease?

Valgus foot in children can be:

  • Congenital — disorders of the location and shape of the bones occur in the period of intrauterine life of the child. The complex forms are called "vertical battering ram" and "stop rocking". This error can be identified in the hospital or in the first month of baby life;
  • ^ — Due to the shortcomings of the tendon and the ligamentous apparatus of the child. The diagnosis of "acquired planovalgus foot, the child" puts a pediatric orthopedist in the age period between 10 and 14 months — in the first steps of a toddler, the disease shows itself most clearly.

Factors affecting the development of the disease

The conditions for the emergence and development of acquired hallux valgus, you can:

  • the premature birth of a child;
  • small body weight the unborn child;
  • rickets;
  • obesity;
  • regular colds, bronchial and/or lung disease at an early age;
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • polio;
  • various injuries of the leg and foot;
  • a longer clip limb (plaster);
  • dysplasia;
  • congenital dislocation of the hip;
  • premature, because the parent of a child who is on the feet;
  • bad shoes (soft, without the purse, not the foot size of the child).

Visible signs of hallux valgus

The most obvious symptoms of errors are visible when walking toddler:

  • the child does not occur on the entire surface of the foot, but only on the inner edge;
  • X-shaped form of the foot;
  • the clumsy walking;
  • the uncertainty of the steps;
  • in the shuffling;
  • fatigue from walking.

These symptoms, but the first two can be found in all children starting their first trip on her own feet. Immediately, when a child becomes necessary, when walking skills — symptoms disappear. Another thing, if the child has long it goes, and these 4 last symptom manifested. Panic does not make sense, but to explain the reasons for these pathological manifestations need to see a doctor.

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The rate of development and severity of the disease

Doctor, depending on the degree of deformation and the severity of the disease will determine the severity of the disease:

  • the degree of deviation varies in the range of 10-150 is well curable degree;
  • deviations from the norm in the 15-200 — treatment will need some effort;
  • as a derogation from the norms vary from 20 to 300 — the treatment will be prolonged;
  • more than 300 long-term treatment. Invalidity of a complex therapeutic treatment can be surgical correction of the foot.

Often in infants with a diagnosis of "planovalgus foot" develops flat feet. Later in childhood the consequences of valgusnogo failure include osteochondrosis, arthrosis, scoliosis, various deformities of the pelvic, knee and golenostopnoi areas. Less shorter limbs. Kosolapie develops with varus deformity of the foot in the opposite direction of valgus.

Than and how to treat?


Treatment the little patient can be determined only by a professional therapist. For the elimination of congenital valgus foot apply fixing bandage, tyres or langeti. Select the lock element can and must make a pediatric orthopedist. It takes into account the individual characteristics and defects of children, which is based on:

  • podometrii method, which allows the detection of pathological changes in the case of unclear situations;
  • Ultrasound;
  • radiography — x-ray in 3 different projections (small children, this is very rare);
  • computer plantografii — morphological parameters of the foot;
  • visible external signs — granted again to the normal functioning of the foot, treatment and custom-made clip limbs.

The results of several studies will enable the prosthodontist to direct treatment in the right direction.

Treatment of acquired valgus defect of the foot is usually performed in full:

  • foot bath;
  • massage;
  • paraffin (wax wrap);
  • ozokerite and mud applications;
  • electrophoresis;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • electrical stimulation of the muscles of the foot and lower leg;
  • therapeutic swimming;
  • Acupuncture — acupuncture;
  • Physical therapy — therapeutic exercise.

Also, as in congenital disease, treatment of acquired hallux valgus of the foot is frequently used orthopedic braces, casts and other locking elements.

The beneficial effect of massage

Massage with PLANO-valgus foot due to its efficiency, which occupies a special place among all technologies in the fight against the disease. It regulates the muscle tone in the lower part of the legs and feet, relieves unnecessary tension and makes the muscles more strong, flexible and durable, improves blood circulation. The latest increase helps normalize the development and growth of the legs.

It is necessary to focus not only on problem areas.

Before you start the massage, your baby need to first lay on his stomach so that his feet hang off the edge of a massage or a changing table, and in the lower part of the leg to put a small plate in the form of a cylinder.

Back we start with the massage strokes along the spine. Caress the baby from the waist to the side of the neck. Gradually increasing the distance between the hands, by stroking the entire back of the hand and underarms. From the moves to go easy rastiraniyam. Hold them with your fingertips along the surface of the back for the child. After that, when you bend your fingers so that their tips touched my palms and that poluchivshimsya reefs rastiraushie movement. One side is moving in one direction, the other in the opposite direction, as if sawing. Complete back massage should be stroking.

Firming effect massage can increase special exercises:

  • turns out feet inner soles;
  • flexion of the back side of the foot;
  • the flexing of the soles;
  • the flexion of the toes;
  • turns stop inside with the capture and storage of your toys;
  • the rotation of the feet.

Motivating children to perform light exercises in the morning.

These exercises must be carried out comprehensively. For the first time, you and your children, who have been working, and when the baby gets older he will be able to perform the therapeutic movements.

At 6 months the baby becomes a full-fledged person who already knows how to Express your feelings, starts to crawl, learns to focus, learns relatives and people who are close to him. Observe the child during this period is a pleasure!

A pleasant and useful gymnastics

Along with massage and special exercises for the proper pathology helps therapeutic exercises. There is a set of gymnastic exercises for the advanced standing children.

The most easy and enjoyable to complete exercise is jumping and walking on a small patterned carpet, postelennom the bottom of the bath. The exercise strengthens the child's foot, without creating undue stress on the fragile bones, the joints of the child. For the implementation of the gymnastic complex is necessary several times a day. Recommendations on which is the best exercises to use for the treatment of valgus of the foot of your child must give the pediatric orthopedist.

Also be sure to visit all the physiotherapy prescribed by the doctor and do not self heal the child.

Appropriate footwear in the treatment very important

A child who has an incorrect formation of the foot, must wear a special, customized orthopedic shoes. The last feature is the presence of rigid side mounting leg and heel, arch support, tailor-made functional insoles, a small wide heel. The parents themselves such shoes to choose from shouldn't be — it should take an experienced professional. He is obliged to tell about the duration of wearing corrective shoes (wear can the muscles atrophy). Also the healthy baby doctors recommend wearing orthopedic shoes since his first steps.


To walk or not to walk barefoot?

Known children pediatrician E. O. Komarovsky in favor of walking home with valgus of the foot, barefoot running, "This has a positive impact not only as a tempering procedure, but also as an aid in the design of the foot," he says. The only surface that it is children should not be smooth and perfectly flat. The practice of walking barefoot or in thin socks, which can be used to perform exercises therapeutic exercises.

Walking barefoot is an important aspect that should not be missed by parents.

How to prevent acquired PLANO-valgus of the foot in a child?

The prevention of defects reduces the following events:

  • not to put a child on the leg before 7-8 months;
  • conduct daily training;
  • for strengthening the muscles and ligaments exercises;
  • preventive massage;
  • to make the child a full meal;
  • follow the diet, in the HS;
  • daily walk with the baby;
  • to give a child protivorahitnii of vitamin D;
  • if you want to choose a quality and size suitable for feet infant shoes;
  • time for a visit to the medical professionals.

Up to 7 years to cure the flat foot valgusnuyu completely. Up to 12-13 years — only to brake and adjust the process. Later on, it is virtually useless.

Summarise the main points:

  • pathological staging brake problem treatable;
  • massage and gymnastics are very effective;
  • the child needs special shoes;
  • treatment depends on the severity of the pathology;
  • it is good to walk barefoot on uneven surfaces;
  • in order to prevent development of the disease, the observation of a simple daily rules;
  • self-massage is best done under the supervision of a specialist.