Orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus for children: types, how to choose the right shoes

The most frequent diagnosis, which is expressed by the podiatrist in his office, is a PLANO-valgus installation stop. Parents may suspect a problem if they know what is different about these kids. In children with PLANO-valgus deformity of the you will notice that it is on the heels and toes deviate outward, but the middle part of the foot sags. In a standing position, you notice that the child's feet in the form of the letter "U". Usually the parents, pay attention to the shoes that quickly wear out. Only delete and deformed in the inside.

Often these children:

  • complain of pain in the legs, which indicates the area of the leg and knee;
  • characterized by high fatigue.

Some can be in the evening, to appear swelling in the ankles and feet. The situation can be corrected only in the case where the parent goes to the orthopedist and will implement all of its recommendations. Often, doctors prescribe massage, physiotherapy. And adjust the design and consolidating the result should help orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus. But it is also necessary to be able to choose the right.

Causes deformation of the stop

Many parents think about the need for orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus. Pictures of the feet of adults who have left such a curvature, that will help you decide. If the parents do not want, that the child suffers from constant pain in the legs when you are older, it is the best time to get involved in the correction of this problem. You have to understand that the development of valgus installation stop can cause:

  • congenital diseases, bad heredity, some genetic disorders, dysplasia;
  • ^ problems: rickets, leg injury, early walking, improper shoes first.

In congenital problems treatment begins before the moment when the child begins to walk. And derived deformations in the majority of cases occur due to the negligent attitude of the parents to choose the shoes. You buy your child the wrong flat sandals with footbed. This leads to the fact that weak ties do not hold the child's weight during walking and ankle, which collapses under the weight of the child. To the same effect, and the early use of a Walker.

Selection rules

Parents, faced with the problem of improper installation to stop their child needs to know what to look for when choosing sandals or shoes. Orthopedic shoes in valgus installation stop for children, must meet certain criteria. Among them:

  • high and firm the heel;
  • thick side panels that can hold the foot in position;
  • rigid fixation of the foot;
  • the presence of specific orthopaedic insoles.

Shoes is done with a small heel – about 0.5 cm on sale, you can find models with Velcro or laces. We must understand that orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus, must not only be on the snake. Parents should be the ability to control the volume. There are children who have feet close enough that it will be suitable almost for every model. And dry children feet during regular sandals will hang, such as a pencil in the box. You should definitely tighten the Velcro or laces so that the shoes or sandals have a impact on the area of the ankle and foot.

This may change with the regular use of the right shoes

Everyone knows that required expensive orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus. The assessment confirms that many parents do not want to buy because of the high costs. But, nevertheless, it is desirable to try to allocate funds from the family budget to buy quality shoes. If you do not listen to the recommendations of the orthopedist and ignore his advice on choosing footwear, it is possible to encounter these problems:

  • flat feet;
  • shortening one of the limbs;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • the high rate of injuries.

Of course, some children "outgrow" this problem. Over time, ties of a child are strengthened, and the legs aligned. But this is not the case at all.

Types of orthopaedic shoes

the deformation of the

If the problem of the child, was discovered at an early age, to help fix the situation can the serial orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus. You can find sandals, boots, and winter boots. There are models with increased or normal heel. However, select the option that you need to only along with a podiatrist.

In addition, the serial shoe you can buy only in case, if the deformation is smaller. It can also be used in cases when a child has a genetic predisposition for the improper installation of the stop or the weakness of the ligamentous apparatus.

Requirements for orthopaedic shoes

Larger manufacturers that only high-quality products. But the costs for many of the high. So parents who are looking for cheaper models, you need to know, what requirements must comply with the orthopaedic shoes for children with hallux valgus.

In addition to the common recommendations, in accordance with which the shoes should be rigid and securely attach the legs to attract the attention necessary in such moments. Quality orthopedic models:

  • made from leather;
  • equipped with thick soles made from materials that do not slip;
  • equipped with a heel Thomas.

You have to understand that they can look different orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus. Winter shoes, usually equipped with a heavier sole. Shoes look more three-dimensional due to the presence within the insulation. But all of the orthopedic shoes that are different from the normal in appearance. Due to its special design, the heavy sidewall and thick heel.

The choice of insoles

The insole should not be glued or in some other way fixed. It is important that parents always have access to it. Occasionally need to be cleaned or replaced.

Insoles always not hard arch support. This allows you to create the correct curvature of the foot and prevent the development of flatfoot. To maintain the arch of the doctors recommend the use of the insole HR-1. But with PLANO-valgus deformation of the model VP-2. This insole is equipped with a socket for the accommodation of the heel, it is constructed from longitudinal arches, and the Ministry of the heel of the arch support.

Specific recommendations

The purchase of orthopedic shoes, not all parents know what to do next. Some wear for only one hour of walking on the street, the other, to allow the child to remove it only at night. The recommendations of orthopedists down to the fact that orthopedic shoes children must wear 4-6 hours a day. However, sometimes it is necessary, that the child is in special models more.

But to force a child to wear orthopedic models all day without a break are not necessary. Ligamentous and muscular apparatus of the work, this will only be the case if the child's foot is locked. Developed with the help of massages, physiotherapy. It is useful to walking with special pebbles or with hard bristles. Indispensable for children with PLANO-valgus deformity can be ordinary wall bars.

Feedback to parents


Before buying orthopedic models and many want to know if they are good. Some argue that without them, adjust the production stop will not make it, others say that over time, the foot will settle itself.

But, if all the children in the ties over time, it should be reinforced adult with the incorrect installation of the brake simply would not be. But, unfortunately, not all parents time to pay attention to this problem.

Hallux valgus of the child, which is diagnosed when the distance from the inner side of the ankles when the knees are straightened, the impact is more than 50 mm. This diagnosis is characterized by a visible blurring of joints of the lower extremities, which makes the other name for this disease is X-shaped changes of the foot. Axis of the foot in the child is noticeably curved, the heel and the toes are directed upwards, and the rest collapses inward. This causes pain in the legs of the baby during the walk, and in the evening the feet swell.

The deformation of the can see the look of shoes, the Overall look is quite distorted. In determining this affliction podiatrists recommend for the treatment and prevention of buy orthopedic baby shoes from into account the valgus of the foot and regular massage, along with a set of special exercises.

How to choose shoes, taking into account all the recommendations of the doctor?

Mismatched shoes may be the enemy of the development of your child's feet. But, if it is diagnosed with flat valgus deformity of the feet, the shoes, especially selected even more carefully. A child who has learned to walk, a PLANO valgus foot needs special corrective shoes.

Before you make a trek to a specialty store, first consult with a podiatrist. He will tell you and explain what model should be suitable for your child. Choice without the advice of a doctor, you can get lost in the assortment offered in the store.

Orthopedic shoes kids PLANO valgus foot is equipped with a special heel that is more on the inside, this helps to prevent rotation of the foot inwards. Orthopedic shoes with flat valgus foot is equipped with a removable insole with the calculation of the longitudinal arch of the foot. This, if necessary, shall be replaced by the insole-insoles, which are made in the context of specific tasks.

The choice of orthopedic products with the installation of flat valgus feet, note the following:

  • The choice of orthopedic shoes kids with valgus of the foot, note what material it is. This would be great for as a material used high-quality natural leather. Orthopedic shoes has the sides slightly raised above the ankle, and solid heel. Lacing is also a need to repair the ankle. Antiivalgus shoes made of artificial leather, can shrink, which leads to the fact that at the end of the day, the foot affect Shoe (especially when the child has wet feet).
  • Toe orthopedic boot for children with valgus flat foot should not compress your toes, but they should not be given space. Trying on the shoes, press with your finger on the toes, if there is a dent, it is worth considering whether a similar thing for you.
  • Ideally, the sole orthopedic shoes for children with heel valgus, should be elastic and with a good shock. The hard, inflexible soles does not work, when walking to the sliding joints, bones and muscles of the foot, which causes the weakening of them. The most suitable material from which the soles orthopedic shoes for children with valgus of the foot, is rubber. When buying try to bend the sole of the Shoe, if it is tough and flexible, such as orthopedic shoes are not ideal for your child.
  • Heel promotes the correct formation of the child's foot. Do not buy shoes with open heel, due to the fact that the heel is free, when walking, fidgeting from side to side, leading to deformities of the foot.

What you need to know first and foremost the parents?

Do not purchase your child with the installation of a flat-valgus foot with a soft cloth Slippers. When running they are not able to protect the heel of the foot from impact.

When changing the orthopaedic shoes are hard back and side walls, which are firmly secured to the heel. This form of orthopedic Shoe allows you to keep your child's feet, which is at the bottom and the sides, which is so necessary if a valgus of the foot, engage the weak muscles and prevent further strain.

Orthopedic shoes for child with flat foot valgus no need to wear all the time. You can dress her up for a walk, walk home. This will allow the foot change stops the train, rather than passively adapt to a particular situation.


To minimize the risk for the development of the disease, you need to:

  1. Plan your pregnancy carefully examined by doctors to minimize the development of neurological problems in the future.
  2. To minimize the load on the legs of the child up to 7-8 months. The immature muscles of the child, may cause deformation. Many parents cause development of this disease, are trying to make their child the faster I go. Nature gives to everyone his own, and your child will go, but then, when the muscle is fully recovered.
  3. Preventive measures against the symptoms of rickets.
  4. To go through all the routine checks of doctors.
  5. Only wear quality shoes.
  6. In my spare time to do special exercises to avoid strain, do not interfere with the regular foot massage. In the summer take the whole family on the sea, the warm, coarse sand as the massage pad, will bring joy to your child. And because we have a child who has walked barefoot on the pebbles and grass? Remember? And they are more healthy. Of these diseases is not known.