Hallux valgus in children: pictures, treatment, causes, symptoms

Hallux valgus in children is a form of flatfoot. Inside is offset from the axis of the lower limbs, leading to the formation of X-shaped arrangement of the stops is shown in the photo above. Pathology recognized during walking, as the child comes inside.

The causes and forms of

Causes of deformities of the foot that are linked by a number of factors. Often the pathology found in premature infants or during the formation of intrauterine malnutrition of nature. In some cases, the impact of the weakness of the connective tissue. Lead to valgus deformity of the foot can be a variety of disease transferred in childhood:

  1. Pneumonia.
  2. SAR.
  3. Bronchitis.

The foot can be placed flat and in the following cases:

  • In polyneuropathy;
  • During the polio;
  • With cerebral palsy;
  • If you have myodystrophy.

The reasons for the defeat of the feet that are associated with obesity. Have a negative impact on the child's condition is congenital hip dislocation or dysplasia. It is important to consider and forms of pathology, as in this case, the hallux valgus, the child has features. There are the following types of:

  1. Innate.
  2. Purchased.

The design of the congenital deformation of the feet is found in the development of the fetus. The acquired form is associated with problems affecting the musculoskeletal system. Why education is presented improper development. It encourages the formation of a condition called hypotonia in muscle tissue. The negative impact of trauma to the legs and other parts.


The extent of the disease and symptoms

Hallux valgus in children is more stages of development.

Phase I

At level 1 the toe foot located is flat, but the deviation 10-15°. If parents take measures for the treatment of children, the disease is easily eliminated.

II - phase III

If the deviation of the leg has a value of 15-20°, the child developed a 2 stage. Efforts will get rid of disease of the lower extremities, so that there is no need for concern. The status is at 3 degrees. The bending of 20-30° can be overcome, however, the therapy will be carried out over a period of time.

Phase IV

Seriously is a situation in which the station is located is flat and the deviation from the norm is 30° or more. Complex treatment with the impact on the Shin, foot and other parts of the feet may not lead to a positive result. In this case, is assigned to the surgical tactics to get rid of the defects of the lower extremities.

Hallux valgus in children, in most cases, when it reaches 1 year. The defeat of leg and foot noticeably due to their appearance. When walking, the child does not use the full surface of the foot, and only on the inner side. In this case, the parents visit the pediatric specialist for treatment.

What signs will help to identify the deformation of the foot?

  • Gait changes in children, with the result that it becomes awkward.
  • Toddler walks unsteadily, during the movement, hear the sounds.
  • The movement quickly tiring of the child, therefore, motor activity of the baby low.
  • Can the changes occur in nature, which is associated with painful sensations in the lower leg area.
the deformation of the foot-in-children

Presented symptoms characteristic of the initial phase of the development of hallux valgus feet. Further changes are determined through the diagnosis.

With a view to a definitive diagnosis of applied methods of instrumental examination:

  1. Computer planography.
  2. Podometry.
  3. The X-rays.
  4. Ultrasound of the joints.

To get accurate data about the condition of the legs on the x-rays in 3 planes. This allows you to see abnormal changes. When the computer planktonography carry out the calculation of the parameters of the morphological character. Between Podometry appreciate not only the burden, but also its distribution on the different parts of the child's feet. Ultrasound of the joints, legs and feet, it is essential for the diagnosis.

Methods for the elimination of

The treatment is necessarily carried out in a timely manner, otherwise the pathology of the foot can stay with children for life. To avoid a similar fate, that use different methods of treatment:

  • Exercises;
  • Massage;
  • Special shoes;
  • Surgery.

Exercise performance proven by numerous experts. It is important to choose the best option complex, which will also take into account the age of the child and characteristics of the development of the pathology. Pick up exercises should an experienced rehabilitation specialist or orthopedist. However, it is possible to perform simple elements of the house. Adults should know that kids like games, so that should ensure the implementation in an entertaining way. To be familiar with objects, pictures, or video in the article, but it is suitable for the following procedures:

  1. Alternate walking on the outer and inner side of the foot.
  2. Walking through the different ledges: the stairs, the stones.
  3. Rolling rolling of the leg.
  4. Drawing with your thumbs.
  5. Grip on the toes of the little things.

Often the leg is not supposed to load, therefore, the valgus occurs deformation. If you want to create a load may be artificial, that is used for baby massage. The goal of the procedure is to relax the muscle tissue to the outer side of the foot and toning the inner surface of the lower extremities. To effect such a treatment is possible only to a specialist with experience. During the procedure, paying attention not only degrees, but also the back, legs, buttocks and lower back. For the treatment of plane strain must be courses, repeat classes after 3-4 months.

Treatment with the help of baby massage is done to prevent. The procedure normalizes the blood flow and strengthens the muscle tissue. If you are unable to perform the procedure, it is possible to walk on rough objects and surfaces. The use of such treatment for a child is a lot.


Another component of the therapy, wearing special shoes and using orthotic inserts. Orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus for kids, play not an insignificant role. To secure the foot in the desired position of the used insoles for kids with the rise in the inner part. The effectiveness of the treatment of hallux valgus is great, because the choice of the subject, which occurs in the individual tasks. Take into account the anatomical features of the foot, its size and degree of deformation.

If wearing children's insoles is not enough, the specialist will recommend the use of orthopedic shoes. However, you will need to wear shoes. This requires certain precautions, as a small child, which is not always appropriate to wear it.

The surgery is used in rare cases. Even when the resulting pathology, and the doctors cannot correct the situation after the surgery. To help surgery has decided that only in the presence of severe forms of hallux valgus.

Prediction and prevention

If you treat the deformation start on time, and all instructions are carried out, forecasts are very favorable. The early stages of disease are overcome, it is necessary that effort is required. After treatment, they must take into account preventive measures. Such measures are necessary for all toddlers. From the first months of a child's life to perform massage. To strengthen the muscle corset use special exercises.

Children's bodies are demanding food, so a good diet is the basis for the health of the child. The food is definitely the quality on the second question. At feeding time adhere to prescribed diet. For muscle strengthening and prevention of rickets eat foods with vitamin D. it is Advisable to consult with an expert before they can enter into the diet of the child some food.

However, not only that diet is one of the main ways to prevent hallux valgus. Selection of right shoes is another challenge for parents. The size must correspond to the child, and the shoes are made from quality materials.

So, stop require careful handling and care. Valgus deformity is not uncommon, therefore, to be fully prepared tasks for each of the parents. The whole complex of measures will allow to save the children from problems, it is necessary to timely detect the disease and start treatment.