Massage is a technique for hallux valgus

But can occur in children and adolescents, as a harbinger of the flatfoot. It is important to note the errors in a timely manner and start the proper treatment. In the early stages to successfully get rid of this disease with a therapeutic massage in combination with some other measures.

A comprehensive treatment of hallux valgus


In the early stages of hallux valgus or flat-valgus deformity of the stops most of the doctors recommend the use of the following measures:

  • the correct a healthy diet;
  • regular massage in the bones of the feet;
  • wearing comfortable and high quality shoes;
  • the implementation of specific exercises;
  • physiotherapy.

Important massage that needs to be done constantly. As a result of this simple process is easily eliminated, such as muscle tension and pain in the leg. The essence of massage – kneading the right of the entire foot and especially the hard, painful lump that is formed. This procedure is suitable both for children, teenagers and adults. Another important point of this massage is that it helps to improve blood circulation and vascularity. This means that the muscle tissue gets a better diet and the degree of swelling starts to significantly decrease. If you want to perform this procedure on all the rules, carefully take a look at the available photos and video clips. One of the important advantages of the therapy is to massage you can do yourself at home. The main thing – to thoroughly examine their techniques and regulations. This will help our lessons.

Step – proper preparation of the massage

Hallux valgus, which can occur in children, adolescents and adults, causing a lot of physical and aesthetic discomfort. Specially designed massage technique is one of the most simple and at the same time effective treatment, organise which can be right at home.

The initial and very important step is the proper preparation for the upcoming procedure.

The first thing you need to carefully pairs of shoes for a blow formed in the region of the thumb was less painful. For the preparation of foot baths you can use for softening natural oils or decoctions of medicinal plants, such as chamomile, calendula, pine buds and leaves of birch trees.

After the bath, be sure to lubricate the foot and, particularly in the area of the thumb rich nourishing cream or other tool, with a warming effect. It is desirable that their composition included the following components, as an extract, or oil of Laurel and the fat shark. Then you can start to do massage for valgus deformity of the foot easy and smooth movement.

Especially massage


For the bump on the leg ceased to bring a feeling of discomfort, the massage in this area, it is recommended that you do this every day, so you will have a very responsible attitude to this process. Since this process is not particularly complex, this can be done at home without resorting to professional medical assistance, when looking at the lesson. How to properly perform a massage with hallux valgus, on the video you may well consider.

A special foot massage has a very beneficial effect when such violations as a planovalgus foot and an enlarged bone on the leg. The main thing – to perform all movements in a strict sequence, because it affects the final result of the treatment.

Start the massage with hallux valgus of the legs with children, adolescents and adults should warm-up legs, and heat, must not only skin but also muscles. If you want to do this, the palm of one hand firmly to cover the foot, and the other, in so far as it is possible to grind. Then you will have to grind each phalanx of the fingers.

After this you need to massage the sole of the foot – this should be done with the thumb.Movement should be round and smooth. Usually at the bottom of the arch of the foot the skin is more thick and heavy – the reason for this is the formation of corns and calluses. Therefore, in this area of the press between the circular motions should be stronger.

In the next phase, continue with the direct massage of the formed cones in the thumb area. Frequent pain symptoms of PLANO-valgus deformation of the transverse type. With the help of a competent massage negative effects can be prevented. If you want to do this, grasp and lock the foot, four fingers, palm and thumb to do the intense pressing up and down on the plantar part of the foot.

In addition, massage for hallux valgus in children means the implementation of the massage movements to the back, buttocks, and lumbosacral.

Comprehensive treatment of hallux valgus of the feet, including massage, exercise and a healthy balanced diet has a beneficial effect and prevents the development of flatfoot.