Orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus

PLANO-valgus deformity of the foot occurs in approximately half of the children under 3 years. In some cases it goes away by itself if the child moves a lot and is developing ties, but it is even better to help him.

orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus

The sooner treatment is started, the more opportunities to prevent serious complications. Usually begin with therapeutic exercises, massage and wearing orthopedic insoles. With hallux valgus in a child, it is very important to provide support to the ankle and longitudinal arch of the foot.

Using orthopedic shoes you can stop, and in the initial stage is to correct hallux valgus deformity of the foot. In addition, to promote proper formation of the musculoskeletal system of the child.

Requirements for orthopaedic shoes with valgus of the foot

Hallux valgus of the child, which is diagnosed when the distance from the inner side of the ankles when the knees are straightened, the impact is more than 50 mm. This diagnosis is characterized by visible on tendentes the joints of the lower extremities, which makes the other name for this disease is X-shaped changes of the foot.

Axis of the foot in the child is noticeably curved, the heel and the toes are directed upwards, and the rest collapses inward. This causes pain in the legs of the baby during the walk, and in the evening the feet swell.

The deformation of the can see the look of shoes, the Overall look is quite distorted. In determining this affliction podiatrists recommend for the treatment and prevention of buy orthopedic baby shoes from into account the valgus of the foot and regular massage, along with a set of special exercises.

Specific sandals, shoes, boots resemble a traditional model. In fashion, beautiful shoes has long been replaced nondescript models that wear the child several decades ago.

  1. unchivalrously shoes securely locks the ankle and collisione-calcaneal joint. A special form of the adapted mobility of certain joints, bones, stop deformation;
  2. the correction models are easily distinguished by their high tibia, firmly lock the lower and upper ankle;
  3. all models have a removable insole, which ensures the correct calculation of the longitudinal arch of the child's foot;
  4. serious deficiencies in a special laboratory, the wizard will produce the insole-arch support. The details of the orthopedic products are made to order. The Arch support is not spuma used in their production, the wizard creates a bulge, taking into account the anatomical features of the lower limbs of the little patient;
  5. orthopedic heel Thomas prevents eversion of the foot inwards. On the inner side of the heel more. Traditional items that are not suitable for the correction of orthopedic diseases of the lower extremities.

Mismatched shoes may be the enemy of the development of your child's feet. But, if it is diagnosed with flat valgus deformity of the feet, the shoes, especially selected even more carefully. A child who has learned to walk, a PLANO valgus foot needs special corrective shoes with arch support.

Only it is necessary to take into account the fact that the diagnosis of valgus forefoot arch support is not a simple tubercle, is made of foam, which is made, taking into account the anatomical structure of the foot.

Before you make a trek to a specialty store, first consult with a podiatrist. He will tell you and explain what model should be suitable for your child. Choice without the advice of a doctor, you can get lost in the assortment offered in the store.

orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus

unchivalrously footwear is a high-yielding berets, provides a record, not only collisione-heel, but the ankle joint, as this is required in the hallux valgus. This design allows the proper form of the movable connection of the bones and prevents their further deformation.

Orthopedic shoes kids with the production of flat valgus diagnosis include a special heel that is more on the inside, this helps to prevent rotation of the foot inwards. Orthopedic shoes with flat valgus foot is equipped with a removable insole with the calculation of the longitudinal arch of the foot. This, if necessary, shall be replaced by the insole-insoles, which are made in the context of specific tasks.

With PLANO-valgus feet, it is very important to choose the right shoes. She will act as special trainer. Because you need to buy one, which is not a preventive but a therapeutic effect. The appropriate orthopedic shoes is to properly distribute the load on the foot. This prevents further deformation and gradually correct the deformity.

With the use of orthopedic shoes, the child correctly develops the muscular-ligamentous apparatus. The normal position of the foot, helps to reduce the load on the spine and joints of the feet. As a result, the child develops proper posture and walking.

How to choose the right shoes

It is not recommended that you choose orthopedic shoes for the child. Only a doctor after examination can determine what properties it should have. After the parents have received the necessary recommendations, you need to go to a special shop or salon. When buying it is important to know some tips that will help you make the right choice:

  • be sure, shoes should be measured on both legs;
  • it should be in size, if more – you will not be able to perform their functions, but it is especially important that it is not exprimendum child's foot;
  • the toe should be narrow, the distance from big toe to the toe should be 1-1. 5 cm;
  • must be basic orthopedic properties: a hard heel, instep, ankle boots and high lace-up or Velcro;
  • it is better to select anti-lapsu sole, rigid, but flexible in the bow.

Now there are many models of children's orthopedic shoes. Many of them are antivarikoznye quality. Modern shoes with such characteristics is of a different color, beautiful design. There are shoes especially for the boys and pretty sandals for the girls. So, parents on the recommendation of a doctor, it is to choose a model.

Do not purchase your child with the installation of a flat-valgus foot with a soft cloth Slippers. When running they are not able to protect the heel of the foot from impact. House is wearing sandals with built in arch support and orthopedic insole, which is made to order.

Orthopedic insole used in the longitudinal platypodia and valgus deviation, which is made from modern polymeric materials. This card is orthopedic shoes helps to adjust the arch of the foot.

They are used for the prevention and treatment of longitudinal flat feet, as well as for the correction of valgus deviation, which allow you to significantly reduce pain during walking. Tab orthopedic provides shock absorption and correction of the entire surface of the foot.

If you change the flat valgus orthopedic shoes is equipped with both a hard back and side walls, which are firmly secured to the heel. Orthopedic shoes for children feature a dense and princeps arch support.

This form of orthopedic Shoe allows you to keep your child's feet, which is at the bottom and the sides, which is so necessary if a valgus of the foot, engage the weak muscles and prevent further strain.

Orthopedic shoes for child with flat hallux valgus diagnosis is not necessary to wear all the time. You can dress her up for a walk, walk home.

This will allow for the foot with hallux valgus changes to stop the train, rather than passively adapt to a particular situation.

Orthopaedic shoes are necessary not only in cases, when the disease is already visible to the naked eye, but in its prevention.

orthopedic summer shoes with hallux valgus

This is particularly concerning in children with manifestations of rickets, it was bad in the early childhood, pneumonia or acute respiratory diseases, and, if the parents of the child suffering from valgus changes to stop. Unfortunately, it can be hereditary.

The correct use of orthopaedic shoes

Therapeutic shoes are advisable to wear 4 hours a day, sometimes all day. In the result of socks and orthopedic shoes, you can stop the progression of the deformation of the foot. Reduces the load on the muscles and ligaments of the feet. Improves the posture. Children will be less tired while walking.

Children's orthopedic shoes should be changed every 6-8 months. The foot of a child is constantly growing, therefore it is very important that the sandals or the boots did not pinch him. Best to buy every time new shoes.

It is not recommended to buy an orthopedic device in use, also by friends. After all these shoes will only perform its functions when it is specifically selected. Of course, this is expensive , but after a while deformity in the child will disappear.

Shoes with antivarikoznye properties, we recommend that you wear it 4-6 hours a day. Also in a heavy duty strain do not spend all day in shoes with arch support. Houses need to give the rest. Children can walk barefoot or in soft Slippers with orthopaedic insole.

If the doctor recommendations still in special shoes, still every 2-3 hours to unfurl the child for 15-20 minutes. And don't expect result immediately. Usually, the positive changes are noticeable not earlier than six months.

Tips for parents to prevent

Parents should constantly monitor the condition of the feet of their children. It is important to check regularly, especially paying attention to the redness, blisters and other damage. Alarm bells, it is considered that all the changes in the gait of the child.

If you want to exclude the development of valgus of the foot and other diseases, children's shoes should be comfortable, soft and high quality, with a thin sole. It is advisable to buy orthopedic insoles. In the first year of life is very important, that the child has the needed amount of vitamin D, which is a great preventive measure against rickets.

In addition, the child very useful are the sun that cannot be overlooked in the summer months. An important role in the prevention of valgus feet in children belongs to the physical exercise. These strengthen the immune system, muscles and bones.

It is desirable that during the summer period, the child is gone to sea: very useful for him, except the sea air, walking on sand and pebbles. In addition to this, there he will get the responsibility for the vivacity and health for the whole of the following year. Well, when a child has a special ball, and an orthopedic pad that is regularly used to perform simple exercises for the legs.

If the diagnosis is made, the required regular checkups at the doctor, perform massage procedures, perform special charging and wearing the recommended special shoes, which are sold in medical equipment stores.

Children who have a pediatric orthopedist documented violations of the setting of the foot require constant attentive care to your feet. In the case that it is very important to choose the right shoes. In the wardrobe of the child should be at least a few pairs of special orthopedic shoes.

From the normal models of these shoes is characterized by the presence of hard fixers, located in the region of the heels (the so-called "specs"), insoles and medical insoles. By the way, to wear corrective shoes as impossible.

This may cause ligamentous-muscular system atrophies and ceases to hold its shape on its own. The duration of the course wearing orthopedic shoes, should appoint a specialist on an individual basis.

It has also been proven that walking barefoot has a positive effect on the proper design of the leg. The most caring mom can't worry about what a child will catch a cold: your child can walk and in thin socks. This procedure is particularly useful when floor surface is not completely flat.

I want to say in conclusion that hallux valgus is a mistake in most cases be repaired. A clear improvement can be noticed already after a couple of months after the beginning of the treatment.

Follow the recommendations of the experts, and your baby will grow up healthy and active. Want to avoid hallux valgus deformation of the thumb? Then learn, because the basic rules of prevention are:

  • Timely detection and treatment, all types of flatfoot.
  • The correct choice of shoes, no high heels and narrow socks made from natural materials.
  • The use of orthopedic insoles and arch supports.
  • When used for long periods of time on their feet, resting the legs and not relaxing warm baths.