Surgery with hallux valgus

This is the pathological changes in the external error brings discomfort to man. Therefore, there is a disruption of blood circulation in this area, as well as the development of arthritis. On the long walk with a deviation increases the risk of injury to the ankle joint.


There are several reasons why valgus deformity of the great toe:

  • violation of functions of organs of the endocrine system;
  • longitudinal and transverse platypodia;
  • weakness of the joints;
  • age-related physiological changes in elderly patients;
  • a genetic trait.

The results of the study have shown that the disease most often affects ballet dancers, and women who daily wear shoes with high heels. The people who hanged the elasticity of joint tissues over time can develop this disease, the first is the formation of flat feet and then hallux valgus.

Features of the development of the disease

Usually the disease is slow, makes diagnosis at an early stage. To treat this period much simpler for the correction of the foot are special orthopedic devices.

Some patients think that deformation of the 1. the toe of the foot is normal maize. For the treatment of are starting to use different methods of folk medicine, while the disease is still ongoing. It should be noted that in the early tubercle has a soft structure, but only with the development of the coarse.

At the advanced stage of the disease is observed a pronounced curvature of the not only the thumb, but also all adjacent. This pathology causes the formation of corns, is formed ingrown nails.

Stage hallux valgus big toe:
  • in the first phase, the curvature of the thumb does not exceed 25 degrees;
  • in the second phase, which takes into account the curvature of the first toe of more than 25 degrees;
  • the last stage involves the curvature of more than 35 degrees.
It is in the degree of curvature of the bone determine the need for surgical intervention. Sometimes reconstruction is required only medical therapy along with a variety of devices.

valgus foot in children

baby foot</2_img>

valgus flat foot in young children are from birth or occurs later in the growth process. In the first case the disease is found as soon as the child is born. Such deviations are the result of intrauterine disease, such as after the disease in the mother's womb during pregnancy.

"Such a derogation on the weak ties, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. If you notice such defects can be only in the first year of a child's life, when it is necessary to do your first steps. Muscle hypotonia, and in which the formation of the pathology, occurs in preterm babies. Such cases were observed in those children who in early childhood had more colds.

Often this tolerance is a result of rickets. In addition, the problem of hallux valgus the big toe is often found in children with excess body weight. So, there is excessive load on the joints and fingers bend.

When the child is trying to take the first steps do not occur, the whole of the foot on the floor, and only touches its middle part, should be in the survey. This function is the main symptom of hallux valgus of the foot.


Before the start of the therapeutic treatment, the patient is prescribed to wear special shoes, in which the disease has made no progress. The pain from this disease most often occur because of mismatched shoes. The foot is squeezed, and the inflammatory process begins to develop again. However, this way you can only relieve the unpleasant symptoms but to get rid of the curvature is impossible.

By injection with the content of the corticosteroids inhibit the inflammatory process. It also helps to relieve the pain, but the knot still remains in force. The treatment of hallux valgus begins with the introduction of injection. Such therapy is prescribed before surgery to remove the bursitis.

To eliminate diseases with the help of various advanced techniques of medicine, but surgery is still considered the most effective method of treatment. With the use of these measures can solve the following problems:

  • to reconstruct the modified bone and properly to direct it against the other;
  • to remedy bursitis of the first toe;
  • the correct positioning of the muscles around the further avoid the repetition of pathology.

When the maximum rate of curvature, which is necessary for the complete removal of the growth. The surgery is performed in the following way:

  • opened the skin around the bumps;
  • then use a special tool, the build-up is removed;
  • the skin settings of the common stitching.

However, such an operation for hallux valgus is only in the most extreme cases, when other way to resolve this issue impossible. In other situations, the bone returns to the correct position.

Different types of operations

Before the selection of the desired mode of operation for hallux valgus should learn possible contraindications, as well as the accuracy to determine the severity of the pathology. When is the primary stage of the disease, apply the most sparing surgery, to avoid damaging the soft tissues.

The main purpose of this surgery believe the removal of the external defect, which is unacceptable from aesthetic point of view, as well as relieving the pain in walking. However, in the last stage, this procedure is not carried out. The main danger is that often after the procedure in patients after some time, the newly formed pathology.

In this type of surgery is not a complete cut. But all measures, which are under the control of the surgeon with the help of x-ray diagnostics. Both sides produce 2 puncture. Special instruments break the capsule of the joint. Thus, the recovery of the correct position of the thumb. During the minimally invasive surgery does not install special device for the fixation of the leg joint.

Remove the bones with hallux valgus, operation mode:
  • the total should be set to completely eliminate the possibility that its movement;
  • to remedy the defect by mixing the metatarsal bones;
  • then all the bone fragments are fixed with the compression device;
  • the exposed surface of the capsule is sutured superimposed seam;
  • you should apply a sterile dressing.

During this type of surgical procedure, it is also necessary to control operations through the implementation of x-rays. This is because the range of permissible displacement of the bone is limited. The surgery is performed under local and under General anesthesia. It depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Contra-indications and complications

When found hallux valgus, treatment is not always allowed for the funds for the surgery:
  1. Severe disease of the blood vessels.
  2. When the peripheral lesion of the foot. This disease is more common in people with high content of glucose in the blood.
  3. Disorders of hematopoiesis.
  4. Infectious diseases purulent character.

Arthritis does not exclude the possibility of surgical intervention. However, this creates a need for special control over the patient when you will be recovering after surgery.

Complications that may arise after the surgery:
  • the formation of blood clots;
  • tissue damage infection;
  • loss of motor function of the operated finger.
  • damage to the nerves;
  • swelling of allergic nature;
  • loss of sensitivity;
  • the pain of the fingers.

All of these deviations occur only in exceptional circumstances. In General patients, regardless of age restrictions, which performs this operation, without any consequences. If deformation is found, that for several years, and has not carried out the treatment, even after surgery may remain the pain.When is the diagnosis of hallux valgus, surgery is the most effective method of treatment.


Recovery after surgery

After surgery to correct hallux valgus of the first toe of the foot, carefully follow all recommendations of the specialist. Depending on how quickly the treatment. In addition, the patient must regularly visit a physician during the rehabilitation period. This is because sometimes it is necessary to use additional therapeutic measures to remedy the problem.

After the patient is sent home, he applied a special bandage that keeps the thumb. In some cases, even prescribe to wear specific shoes, but most often it is advisable to buy orthotics with hallux valgus. Sutures are removed usually on day 14 after surgery. All this time the leg should be protected against the ingress of water. While taking a shower by placing a plastic bag over the feet.

In addition, you need to carefully monitor the status of the bandage, to prevent its movement. If you ignore these simple rules, it often comes to the repeat, which creates a need for another surgery.

In the early days, when it takes place after the operation, you must move only with the help of special sticks, walkers. All of this because et is operated by the constitution is not yet ready for heavy loads. Gradually increase the pressure on him. After 2 weeks allowed to move without any equipment, but only on short distances.

The leg is not subjected to swelling need to keep it in a raised condition. Sometimes even recommend using ice, but this is allowed only with the permission of the doctor.


In order to prevent the development of valgus deformity of the first toe of the foot, you must perform the following precautionary recommendations:
  • occasionally you visit a podiatrist;
  • for everyday use, choose comfortable shoes with a low heel, no pointed nose;
  • wear insoles with valgus deformation of the thumb;
  • where the work involves movement, then you will need to correct the breaks.

In addition to these recommendations, in order to avoid a valgus flat foot in the adults, it is necessary to completely rebuild your lifestyle for the implementation of gymnastic exercises. The most effective is to roll any round object with your feet and lift them with your fingers. When is valgus of the foot in adults, it is necessary massage. For this you need to start massaging the calf, gradually descending to the feet.

Especially after the surgery the patient needs at least 4 days of stay in the hospital, under the supervision of experts. Therefore, that would not immediately go home, medical assistance may be required at any time.