Bursitis is a great toe treatment at home

Bursitis is the big toe, caused due to hallux valgus — deviation of the big toe from the middle line due to the curvature of the joint. The first thing that happens when a tormented bursitis — lag and the body, in the case of progression of the disease suffers from the cartilage, that causes arthritis of the joints. The disease causes problems and pain with movement and uncertainty while walking.

It often happens that people whose work is associated with longer walking, simply ignore the resulting problems and recalls, it is too late. If you notice that old shoes became small, frequent maize and the feeling of wave-like pain, this means that the higher the stage of the disease.

Caution! Disease diagnosis at an early stage will allow us to completely eliminate, so that if there is any noticeable deformity of the foot and discomfort when moving, you must immediately consult a doctor.

Kind of disease

Fistula bursitis big toe

Not identified in time, the bursitis becomes chronic. This level of pathology cannot be cured without surgical removal of the synovial Bursa. The surgery is performed in a planned way, and if the Bursa is infected, it heals for 10 days.

Often chronic bursitis in the big toe is complicated by the appearance of the fistula (the narrow opening in the skin, which leads to the final bag), among which stands out the pus. This manifestation of the disease, which can stop the, and then again for the sequel. The correct approach for the elimination of the fistula is complete surgical removal. After that, as a rule, the symptoms do not repeat.

Purulent bursitis big toe

Bursitis goes through several stages of development. At last arise purulent inflammation. Pain disturb the patient, not only when walking but also at rest. This degree of the disease is usually not cured by conservative methods and require surgical intervention.

Surgical techniques:

  1. The doctor cuts the skin over the inflammation and remove the bone growth. In severe cases, the pin bones shifted metal construction.
  2. In the next 6-8 weeks you will need to carefully treat the wound, to monitor the cleanliness of the leg and that she was not in the cold long.

Sometimes after surgery prescribers of calcium.

For the determination of the bursitis with the use of x-ray apparatus, which will accurately show the stage of the disease. Despite the apparent severity of the problem, bursitis can be treated at home, if you don't run it too hard.


Home treatment

Without surgery

Bursitis, not complicated by the appearance of pus or fistula, can be treated without surgery. The last of bursitis can be treated with conservative methods.

This is treated with the use of orthopedic factors, the lock finger in position, taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as with the help of massage. Timely started treatment of the disease, which may be transferred, even if the treatment is to be carried out at home.

You may get rid of folk remedies – using compresses with anti-inflammatory composition, through therapeutic baths.

You can use warm or cold compresses, applied to the affected joint in combined with them to perform regular massage and increase motion of the foot. Compresses is recommended to be from plants with anti-inflammatory and the ability to remove swelling. This plantain, Linden, burdock, calendula. This method will only help a mild disease, but when a deeper need to be combined with prescription drugs and therapeutic exercises.

There are very many tested recipes to help cure bunions without surgery.

Compacts at an early stage

In the absence of acute pain, apply a warm compress of the decoction against oedema – for example, chamomile, yarrow. For its preparation take 20 g of vegetable raw materials and boiling water, the same amount as the glass. You will need to insist on a water bath for not longer than 20 minutes, then drain and leave to cool to room temperature.

If you have chronic bursitis, try this recipe:

  • mix honey with shavings of ordinary soap in the ratio of 1:1;
  • add the chopped onion;
  • melt the mixture and place on a cotton cloth, which must be applied to the affected area.

Top hot tie a scarf to create a greenhouse effect.

Interesting! The same method can be used new potatoes, pre-cook and then push to the consistency of mashed potatoes.

For a warm loving place, you can take the salt or river sand, preheat the pan, then pour into a cloth bag. Apply to the affected joint through a folded several times a towel and keep it to cool.

Aloe Vera juice

The plant has a very strong influence. To prepare this poultice you need to:

  • take 25 g of honey, squeeze the juice from the leaves of the aloe Vera;
  • pour the vodka in the amount of approximately one-half Cups;
  • let stand for a few days.
Caution! For the manufacture of this tool is the only suitable natural honey.

Apply for a total of five minutes daily, in the morning, afternoon and evening. In the absence of a number of herbs you can also use the leaves of the lilac – used them for 15-20 minutes, while in the position of rest.


These funds will help to get stronger body and it is much faster to cope with the inflammation. Do not underestimate their importance as a cause of disease, which could become trapped in the human body infection. The rest of the infusion for compresses of chamomile can be taken internally to assist the body in the fight against yeast infections.


Vinegar with honey

This infusion is suitable for drinking, has analgesic properties and strengthens the immune system. Recipe:

  1. Heated in a glass of boiling water add a teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Take by 250-500 ml daily, throughout the treatment period.


If you have this product, do the following:

  1. Mix 100 g of butter 15 grams of propolis.
  2. Take one teaspoon daily before meals at least 3 times.

If you don't feel strong pain and discomfort when moving and continue to go to work/school, select free shoes on a small steady heel. Try to limit wearing high heels, until complete healing of the joint. Do not exercise and create every day on the couch elevation for painful legs, to expedite the swelling.

Caution! Do not forget that also, if you notice that the effect after using the home treatment regularly with your doctor to monitor the progress in recovery.


In the early stage of the disease are treated by gymnastic exercises. Also after the surgery the doctor prescribes the implementation of physiotherapy. But in any case you should not run a common.

Exercise should be given to the development of the damaged joint:

  1. Sitting on a chair and hold a pencil between your fingers.
  2. Try to emulate the writing of the alphabet from A to Z.
  3. Sitting on a chair, feet on the floor and tried with the fingers to produce movement of the legs forward and back.
  4. Lie on the floor, lift the leg and what the exercise "bike", try to pull the socks.
  5. Walk alternately on the inner and on the outer edge of the foot.

Often try to go without shoes. Please be patient and the disease will retreat.

Treatment in the late stage of

In the absence of the effect of the above-mentioned packages, it is likely that you have late-stage disease. In this case, does not self heal, and you need to immediately go for a visit to the doctor. Don't be afraid that you will be on the surgery table — bursitis usually does not provide for performance only in the presence of acute pain. In most cases, you will be given additional payments and possibly antibiotics intravenously.

If acute pain is present, consult with your doctor about prescribing you pain medication. In this case, warm and cold compresses, it is better to use interchangeably. Physical activity should be limited to a minimum.

For the purposes of treatment for the first time, figure out what caused the bursitis. If the root cause was the uncomfortable shoes taking measures to change. In the traumatic version of the events, it's the same for the other damage. If it is caused by infection, antibiotics are used.

In the first type, which is the remaining part of the foot, treatment with medications, is prescribed with antibiotics and the treatment of anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of a tablet and treat the inflamed area of the foot.

Important! Chronic bursitis treatment is necessary, as this may cause disability.

Silicone concealer

The deformation of the bones in the big toe, which occurs in its piers, is a common occurrence. This is not only unsightly, but also painful. To repair such a defect, the start of the disease, you can use silicone as a proofreader. I hope that will cure the old bursitis is not necessary, the corrector can only relieve the disease.

The soft texture of the silicone concealer captures the tine in the correct position, eliminating the curvature. It can be used as during sleep and when wearing shoes. With a slight curvature, which allows you to fully recover from the problem.

It is also recommended to buy special insoles for the shoes and their use, and also after the treatment course. On the patient's finger put removable orthopedic bandage of plaster, which will prevent further curvature of the thumb. It should be noted that when the disease first thing you need to ensure that the family and friends who should be in bed and rest, so limit yourself to physical exercises and invite anyone to come home on time for the protection for the treatment.

Prevention is always buy as free shoes, sharp socks combined with heels, especially if your work is connected with permanent staying on their feet.

An independent medical opinion about people, ways

Order to find an appropriate and effective treatment, you must understand that it is primarily inflammation, and this means that all methods must be aimed at its elimination.

Progresses in three stages:

  • primary tissue damage;
  • the generation and accumulation of fluid in the tissues;
  • growth of tissue.

Bursitis is the big toe has several phases:

  • a slight redness and a seal, in which pain is absent;
  • the emergence of the so-called "bumps", accompanied by pain and discomfort;
  • the accumulation of pain, especially after prolonged exertion;
  • constant severe pain and deformity of the joint.
Important! The choice of methods of treatment and their performance is directly dependent on the degree of disease. In this case, the use of recipes for traditional medicine will be used only in the case of the initial stage of the disease, when the "punch", has not yet occurred, and the process of inflammation, which is not accompanied by severe pain, deformity and possible complications.

Also be aware that any home treatment should be preceded by:

  • a sharp reduction in the load on the damaged joint;
  • process of choosing the right shoes.

If the bursitis does not have time to develop in the chronic phase, compliance with these two requirements, supported by special packs, baths and using anti-inflammatory ointments or gels, it is sufficient to stop its further development.

In any case, the choice of treatment should always remain specialist and not on the basis of the subjective feelings of the patient! The same applies for the above recipes of traditional medicine, which are always only as adjuvant therapy as a Supplement to the basic medical treatment.

It is important to remember the following:

  • the temperature of all the compresses and baths should be equal to the body temperature and do not exceed;
  • it would be useful and cool compresses, short exposure period;
  • bursitis can not be preheated as this may cause deterioration of the disease and cause extension of the inflammation.

Connection with the use of the mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey, then it is better to use and with the help of compresses on the affected joint, and the inside. For these purposes, or suitable only for vinegar obtained by natural fermentation in combination with honey will regulate the metabolism in the body and will improve the overall trophic tissues and blood vessels.