Treatment without surgery hallux valgus big toe

Hallux valgus is considered as one of the most common orthopedic disease. This is reflected in the curvature of the big toe and looks like a lump near the base.

valgus deformity of the fingers

Because you have this disease develops slowly, it is very difficult to detect at an early stage, which leads to pain and various complications. Under the valgus deformity to understand the pathology of the foot, in the process of development, which the Tarsus is curved-phalangem big toe joint. As a result, its phalanges are at an angle relative to each other.

Eventually one of them starts to bulge in the direction of the head of the bone. This leads to the formation of protrusions on the outer side of the foot. Sometimes this process is accompanied by pain.

Causes of valgus

Violation of the provisions of the toes and other bones of the foot develops on the background of a few reasons:

  1. Violation of anatomy. The structure of the foot always has individual characteristics. With some deviations (for example, the excess length of the first metatarsal bone or phalanx of the fingers) of the constitution is committed to the greater deformation under load. The normalization of the internal anatomy of the foot – the main objective of an orthopedic surgeon in the surgical treatment of valgus.
  2. The weakness of the ligamentous structures. It depends on the specific structure of the collagen fibers, ligaments and tendons. Their weakness is easily achieved, the tensile strength and the bows do not regain their shape after the cessation of exercise.
  3. Overweight. The constant excessive pressure on the legs contributes to the deviation of the 1. metatarsal medially, and the finger or on the outside. Patients who are overweight, have a higher risk of developing this disease.
  4. In the predilection for narrow and tight shoes with high heels. Wearing such a Shoe has a negative impact on the features of the arches of the foot.
  5. Heredity. Changes to stop the blood relatives can mean that the tendency to develop strain. Heredity was responsible for the properties of the connective tissue that supports the arches.

Also causes for the disease are different and the injury to the leg.

Symptoms and photos

The main symptoms of hallux valgus include the following:

  • appears soft formation that is coupled with the fact that the skin on the area of the joint becomes red, the pain occurs as the inflammation of the joint capsule;
  • valgus deformity of the toe clips
  • the thumb changes its shape, becomes sideways;
  • in the area of the first phalanx forms a solid lump;
  • develops callus, irritated skin;
  • there is pain while walking;
  • the thumb loses its mobility. In time, the physical activity can lose, and the other fingers.

The photo below shows how the disease manifests itself in humans.

Rate of deformation,

Decided to four degrees Gallus valgus, depending on the angle of deviation of the thumb:

  • I rate — 15 degrees.
  • II rate — 20 degrees.
  • III degree — 30 degrees.
  • Class IV — more than 30 degrees.

The first two degrees of valgus deformity of 1 toe of the foot is not complicated and brings mainly cosmetic discomfort. III and IV are the consequences for health. Among these ductili deflection, when II and III of the fingers ceases to participate in the process of walking; ingrown toenails; calluses and painful corns, which inflame and fester; swelling of the feet, osteomyelitis. It is therefore timely diagnosis is essential.


The first step in determining the diagnosis of a hallux valgus big toe is a visual health check and determine the stage of the disease. The review shall take into account the status of the plantar surface, the elasticity (turgor) of the top of the leg, as well as the vascular status is determined by the tactile sensitivity of the feet and the functionality of the phalanx.

The doctor is obliged to take into account all possible restrictions on the movement of the foot to pinpoint the cause of the disease. Using the distance between the metatarsal heads to determine the degree of the deformation of the fingers. The most often complaints of the patients include: sensation of weight after strenuous exercise, aching pain in the front part of the foot, stiffness during movement.

valgus deformity of the finger exercises


If left untreated, can disease leads to pathological processes in the area of the spine, knee and hip joints.

Progression of the disease alters the biomechanics of the foot and can lead to gait changes. The disease can also cause the development of bunions big toe due to constant irritation and friction, which cause swelling and inflammation of the synovial joint capsule.

Another common complication of hallux valgus arthritis of the metatarsophalangeal joint, as due to the constant friction of the cartilage of the thumb reduce.

It is possible that treatment of the bone in the finger without surgery?

In the early stages of treatment without surgery is possible. The early stages means a deformity of the big toe I—II degree, with a small deflection angle and no complications.

Home conservative treatment includes special exercises, body weight , the use of orthopedic shoes and medical therapy.

At the initial stages of hallux valgus the big toe is exercises can significantly reduce the bending angle and the pain associated with this problem.


Today podiatrists are actively using the new development, namely, the clips that adjust the position of the thumb in hallux valgus. Are worn mostly at night and remove in the morning. An example of such a retainer is the locking gel Valgus Pro. Colleagues a lot, but the original gives results faster and the quality of the materials favorably.

The use of clamps for deformed thumb allows you to completely remove the error in phase I, and thus significantly reduce the discomfort and bulging with hallux valgus degrees from II to IV.

hallux valgus toe shoes

Useful exercises

Doctors prescribe specific exercises to relieve the swelling, the disease develops severely damaged joints, reduces pain, syndrome. Exercise does not need special conditions, the main thing is regularity.

The exercises are different, and some are particularly useful:

  • a sheet of paper (you can use a pen or other small object) off the ground with your fingers;
  • the arch of the foot strain and hold in this position for a few seconds;
  • legs alternately bent and unbent, until the fatigue;
  • lying on the floor, a sheet of paper should crease with your fingers on the legs;
  • rolling pin or a small water bottle roll foot for 2-3 minutes;
  • the fingers are pushed apart and had no less than minutes.

Conservative treatment is more effective in combination with special massage that removes muscle spasm and restoring joint mobility.

Physical therapy

For the treatment of hallux valgus can be used and physiotherapy treatments – ultrasound or diathermy. You must take into account that these events give a temporary effect.

The most effective is the use of orthopedic products, which are made individually after the study of the foot shape and gait of the person.

The use of various inputs, factors of the fingers and interdigital folds at the beginning of the disease can stop the subsequent deformation. If the process is running, the use of such products may be only slightly reduce the pain. With our custom insoles can resolve a violation of the arch of the foot.


When valgus deformity of the first toe of the foot shoes should be soft, with wide toe and low heel (under 4 cm). With PLANO-valgus deformity of the foot, you must wear new shoes, high and hard back cover, 3 cm above the heels, with a dense and high arch support.


For the correction of the deformity, different types of insoles and polystelic. More suitable for this insoles, custom. With their help reduce the load on the joints of the feet, improves blood circulation of foot decreases the feeling of tiredness in the legs.

Insoles are sometimes hard to fit in the shoes, especially standard. So, with a view to the correction of pathological disorders in the foot can be used dimidium-albus – a shortened version of the usual spots (no anterior).

In some mild cases, the podiatrist may authorize the wearing of orthopaedic calcaneum pulvillos.

Surgical treatment

For the operation, in most cases, the resort already on the advanced stages of the disease. Although surgery can be done at the beginning of the hallux valgus, in this case, surgical intervention would at the same time the prevention of arthrosis in the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Modern technology operations are not destroying the joint, that it subsidium capacitatem and mobility.

There are ways to surgical intervention:

  • reconstruction of deformed bones;
  • remove build operational methods;
  • the operation, which is balanced by the periarticular muscles;
  • holding the distal and proximal osteotomy, which is to change the angle between bones;
  • arthrodesis – surgical procedure by fixing the joint;
  • tendons for transplantation;
  • implantation of the joints;
  • and about 93 of the methods, which are selected individually for each patient.

With the rehabilitation process after surgery can take from one to two months, so for 1.5 months, the physicians are advised to wear special orthopedic shoes that will help you secure the patient's limb and to provide her with maximum comfort while driving.

How to prevent bunions?

Prevention of diseases includes several proven ways:

  1. Proper diet. Often, joint damage, causing excess weight. Pounds better to get rid of, you must change the diet in favor of healthy eating. Fat, smoked and salty foods should be excluded.
  2. Wearing only comfortable shoes. Joints are in the correct position, is rarely the subject of transformation. In some cases, you can simply wear the orthotics.
  3. Workout. Doctors have developed a number of techniques that your feet in good shape. It is not necessary to go to the gym, the exercises you can do at home.
  4. The foot bath. Effectively relieve leg fatigue and improves circulation. To improve efficiency it is necessary to add herbs or sea salt.
valgus deformity of the toe footbed

The manifestation of the first symptoms it is better to consult a specialist. After performing a comprehensive diagnostic that will tell you how and what to treat hallux valgus deformation of the big toe. Only timely, adequate treatment will help to avoid surgical procedure.