Cause hallux valgus big toe

Deformed first finger shifts, which the other toes, causing their deformation in the form of a hammer. Protruding bumps interfere with wearing elegant shoes, cause pain and burning sensation, "easy" step for this clumsy, causing premature fatigue and severe discomfort. Valgus deformity of the bone suitable for methods of conservative treatment only in the early stages, to prevent further development of the pathology. Surgery to return the foot to normal or close to it condition, 95 to 99 % of the cases improve the patient's quality of life.

Possible causes for hallux valgus of the first toe

Hereditary weakness of the ligaments and tendons is considered to be the main cause of hallux valgus of the first toe of the foot – foot ugly manifestations of transverse flatfoot.

Among the factors aggravating the problem of weak links, the rapid deterioration of the joints, typically include the following:

  • Weight (cause a higher load on the foot);
  • Hormonal changes and natural weight gain during pregnancy;
  • Arthritis of the joints;
  • Professional features – a constant monotonous mechanical stress on joints (professional athletes, dancers, hairdressers, etc);
  • Uncomfortable, not comfortable, cramped, with narrow toe high heeled shoes (not necessarily simultaneous action of all these factors);
  • Diabetes (disorder of carbohydrate metabolism and blood flow);
  • Injury of the foot.

Important: shoes don't cause the problem, manifested as the indicator. Shoes with a flat heel up to 4 cm stop evenly loaded; the higher the heel the larger the load of the feet and the adjacent joints; flat shoes such as ballet flats causes a sudden overload of the foot.

First aid: anti-inflammatory and pain medication and ice

To relieve pain, swelling and inflammation, especially if the joint is hot to touch, reduce the activity and apply ice on the affected area for 10-15 minutes three or four times per day. This is useful if you want to perform circular motions, massage with ice to the painful bones.

Important: when there is inflammation, which releases huge amounts of harmful free radicals. Actively to destroy the joint, except where this is prevented by vitamins with antioxidant properties such as vitamin C. To prevent the transition of the disease in severe form, necessary to a balanced diet and vitamin-mineral preparations, but the latter, as well as medications should be taken with caution, preferably under the advice of a doctor.

Orthopedic solutions

All types of flatfoot-particularly in advanced stages can't be cured with a conservative, the change is irreversible. For understanding the problem in a timely manner in the event of a Valgus big toe is very important. The use of orthopedic devices in the first signs of the disease, in combination with medications, moderate exercise can prevent the development of these pathological changes. Key prosthetic solution is:

  • Individual orthopedic insole;
  • Orthopedic devices such as splints, bandages, arch support, toe partition, retainers, special silicone inserts;
  • Rational heel 3 -4 cm for daily wear; for men: 1 to 2 cm;
  • There is no narrow, wide nose of the Shoe;
  • Properly selected orthopedic shoes.

Massage and medical gymnastics

Massage and therapeutic exercises – effective ways to reduce the manifestations of hallux valgus the big toe and strengthen the muscles and arch of the foot. The result depends on the regularity of use, – massage should be adopted in courses, exercises to do every day.

Massage should be aimed in the restoration of the muscular apparatus involved in movement and relaxation of the foot. Includes work with the lumbar, buttock, hamstring, knees, joints and feet. Useful active rubbing and kneading, tapping, joints, more distribution, using a circular motion and shaking of the fingers to the toes.

Approximate set of exercises, each performed for 8 – and 9-fold and may be as follows:

  • Starting position – lying on your back, perform the exercise "Bicycle", pay attention to the position of the foot: movement of the – self- the toe of the foot, pull forward, reverse the movement back;
  • Starting position – sitting on the floor, legs extended, with an emphasis hands on the floor behind him, operated by flexion and extension of feet ;
  • Original position – the same active breeds of the toes;
  • Original position – the same alternating active pressed together the toes and spread them;
  • Starting position – sitting on a chair, perform the exercise "caterpillar", move the foot forward and back, moving only the fingers feet;
  • Starting position – sitting on chair, draw the letters of the alphabet or numbers with a pencil clamped between 1. and 2. fingers;
  • Starting position – standing, arms up, alternately walking on the toes, heel and the outer (but not inner) side of the foot.

Note: it is suggested stretching exercises, without jerks and shocks.

Effective to walk barefoot in grass, sand, gravel, sand, grooved surfaces, studded rubber rolling cylinders, balls, and swimming.

Measures to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood

Very similar symptoms can also occur in other diseases, one of them is gout. Throbbing night pain, redness of the bones, swelling in the places of articulation of the joint, a high sensitivity to the affected area. Uric acid, which is present in all blood, and in some cases can turn into tiny crystals, which causes inflammation of the joints. Note two versions of arthritic diseases:

  • Excessive formation of uric acid;
  • The lack of excretion of this product of metabolism.

It is important to clarify the nature of the disease, because of the techniques and approaches of treatment are substantially different.

Avoid taking medications, such as aspirin inhibits the secretion of uric acid or to raise the level of substances such as diuretics.

You will need to avoid or limit the foods with high purine levels, namely, high-protein foods of animal origin: the brain, heart, herring, kidneys, liver, mussels, sardines, meat, soups. Dangerous are also asparagus, spinach, yeast.

The right way is to accelerate the removal of unwanted components by taking enough water a day – not less than 1.2 – 1.5 liters.

Tips to prevent recurrence

Diseases in the big toe – the disease is chronic, and therefore are permanently or occasionally can it be felt. To avoid recurrences it is important to regularly take care of the foot, in case of deterioration of health don't waste your time – the time to get the advice of conservative therapy or recommendations for surgery.


Hallux valgus requiring compulsory treatment. The severity of the problem may be different: the greater the width of the foot, the more pronounced the problem. Should not be too soon, that is afraid of surgical solutions, minimally invasive and preservation of the possible ways in a relatively short period of time to recover after the surgery. There are more than 400 types of operations on the forefoot, the percentage of complications is low, less than 1%. Important: it is not for the degenerative changes in the metatarsophalangeal joint can lead to a contortion in the form of a hammer, calluses, pain when walking, ingrown nails, more serious consequences for the musculoskeletal system.